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It's never been easier to learn about an address or a property. Tools like's address lookup tool will help you learn about nearly any commercial, private, or residential property. In fact, you can even look into some government properties as long as you have the address.

Whether you're curious about who lives at an address, or you want a deep dive into a home's history, let empower your search with fact-driven data. Our databases always contain current and accurate information about any property you search for.

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What Is an Address Lookup Tool?

A reverse address lookup is a type of people search that allows you to find someone by their address. It can be used to find an individual's contact information, such as their phone number and email address, as well as their public records, like their property ownership history and criminal records.

Reverse address lookups can be useful in a variety of situations. For example, if you're trying to find the owner of an abandoned property, you could use a reverse address lookup to find their contact information. Or, if you're trying to locate someone who owes you money, a reverse address lookup can help you find their current address to send them a bill or summons.

How Can I Look Up Someone With an Address Online?

There are a few different ways to perform a reverse address lookup. The most common is by using an online people search engine. These websites allow you to enter an address and return information about who lives there.

Another way to find someone's address history or current location is by using a reverse phone lookup. This type of people search allows you to enter a phone number and find out who it belongs to. With, a reverse phone lookup with almost always reveal a person’s email address or property ownership history, as well as their current and past living addresses.

Finally, another option for performing a reverse address lookup is by using public records. Many local and state government websites offer access to public records, like property ownership records, criminal records, and marriage licenses. While these records can be difficult to search through, they can provide valuable information about who owns a particular property or has been arrested in the past.

If you're trying to find someone's contact information, a reverse address lookup can be a helpful tool. By using an online people search engine, you can find the phone number, email address, or property ownership history of an individual.

Anatomy of an Address

Each address has a unique structure that contains a variety of information. The anatomy of an address can be broken down into six main parts: the house number, the pre-directional, the street name, the suffix, the post-directional, and the unit identifier.

  • The house number is the main identifying factor of an address. It is generally the first thing listed on an address.
  • The pre-directional is used to indicate the general direction of the street before the street name. Common pre-directionals include "North", "South", "East", and "West". (Note that not every address has a pre-directional.)
  • The street name is the word or phrase that identifies the specific street where the address is located.
  • The suffix indicates the type of street where the address is located. Common suffixes include "Street", "Avenue", "Boulevard", and "Drive".
  • The post-directional indicates the general direction of the street after the street name. Common post-directionals include "North", "South", "East", and "West". (Like the pre-directional, not every address will have this.)
  • The unit identifier is used to identify a specific apartment, office, or another unit within a larger building. Unit identifiers are generally followed by a number or letter (or both).

Understanding each element of an address can make it even easier to find the person or property you need.

Tips for Using a Reverse Address Lookup

Whatever your reason for using a reverse address lookup, there are a few things you should keep in mind to get the most accurate results:

First, be as specific as possible when searching. The more information you have, the better. If you only have a street address, try including the city and state. And if you have a phone number, you can sometimes input that instead of, or in addition to, an address.

Second, remember that not all reverse address lookups are free. You may need to pay a small fee to access certain databases. But in general, it's worth it to pay a little bit for peace of mind or to get the information you need.

Finally, keep in mind that even the best reverse address lookup won't be 100% accurate all the time. People move frequently, and sometimes data is just out of date. But with, you should be able to get the information you need almost all of the time.

What Information Can I Find With a Reverse Address Lookup?

When you enter an address into a reverse address lookup, you can find out quite a bit of information about the people who live there. This includes their name, phone number, and even their criminal history.

If you are looking for someone's contact information, a reverse address lookup is a great way to find it. You can also use this service to find out more about your neighbors or those living in your building.

A reverse address lookup can be a valuable tool for many different purposes. Whether you are looking for someone's contact information or trying to find out more about the people near you, this service can help.

Is Finding an Address Online Legal?

Most people don't think twice about finding an address online. After all, the internet is full of information, and if you can find a phone number or email address with a simple search, why not an address?

However, there are a few legal considerations to consider when trying to find someone's address online. Luckily, we’ll cover the main points so that you can make an informed decision about whether or not finding an address online is right for you.

The first thing to consider is whether or not the person you’re looking for has made their address public. If they have, then there’s no problem with finding it online. However, if they haven’t, you may violate their privacy by trying to find their address.

Another point to consider is whether or not you’re looking for a business or residential address. Businesses are required by law to make their addresses public, so you shouldn’t have any trouble finding them online. However, residential addresses are not required to be made public, so you may want to think twice about looking for one online.

Why Do People Use Reverse Address Lookups?

Most people use reverse address lookups for one of two reasons: either they’re trying to find out who owns a certain property, or they’re trying to find out who lives at a certain address.

There are several other reasons someone might want to use a reverse address lookup, such as trying to track down a long-lost friend or relative, or finding out more about a new neighbor. Whatever the reason, a reverse address lookup can be a helpful tool.

Learn more about how you can leverage our address lookup tool below.

Identifying Property Owners

One of the most common uses of an address lookup tool is to find information about the owners. With's search tool, you can find their name, contact information, address, and other property holdings. Furthermore, information about previous owners and sales of the property is also available.

Understanding Property Zones

Have you ever seen a house but got confused when it said dentistry in the window? Depending on your location, zoning laws can get tricky, and you might want to know if you can live or work in a property when you purchase it. Checking’s database will offer you more accurate information about a property.

Finding Available Information About Property Taxes

Understanding a property's tax information and tax history is important, especially if taxes are still owed on the home. This is because the new owner can be held liable to pay those taxes. Aside from discovering if taxes are still owed, knowing the cost of property taxes can help you determine if you can afford to live there.

Depending on why you're searching, these are only some of the benefits that’s address lookup tool offers.

Looking for Other Ways to Search?

The Beauty of’s public records database is that you're not limited in how you can search. For example, we offer criminal records and background check tools. So, if you’re curious about all the ways you can look up information on someone, check out some of the options below.

People Search

One of the best ways to search for someone if you only know their name is a people search.'s people search tool was built from the ground up to help you find who you're looking for fast. Our people search engine is connected to thousands of records, so give it a try to learn more about someone.

Criminal Records Search also has some in-depth search options that help you look into someone's criminal history. These searches are useful for identifying past felons or preparing for a job interview. For example, you can use our criminal records search tool to see what would show up on your pre-employment criminal background check.

Public Records Search

Our public records search option is designed to help you get access to all types of information in one place. When you use our public records search tool, you'll find all of the available public records about someone. This includes their personal information, social media accounts, and much more.

Phone Lookup

Sick of scam calls and robocalls? Check out our phone lookup tool. When you use our phone lookup tool, you'll find information about a phone number. This includes who owns it, if it's spoofed, and some other details. Plus, you can identify numbers and have them blocked if they call you again now that you know the number. So, give our phone lookup tool a try and put an end to pesky scam calls. People Directory

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