Do’s & Don’ts

Federal law, namely the Fair Credit and Reporting Act (FCRA), controls what information you can and cannot search for on

While will seamlessly allow you to run background checks on others, you will be unable to use in violation of the FCRA. This means you are not allowed to use to obtain information to harass someone, steal someone's identity, or any other malicious end. For more information on how adheres to the requirements of the FCRA, read our Terms of Service.

Here are some helpful Do's and Don'ts to help you avoid violating federal law or's policies:


  • Find Old Family and Friends

    Track down all of your old friends and family. We’ll help you find any past connections that live within the United States.

  • Run a Background Check on People Around Your Children

    Find peace of mind and verify that the individuals who spend time with your children are safe to have around.

  • Search for Sex Offenders

    Learn if someone you know or lives around you is a registered sex offender.

  • Find Information About Your Neighbors

    Discover information about your neighbors and those in your community or potential new home.

  • Rekindle Old Love

    Search for your long-lost lovers and connect with them through your preferred form of communication.

  • Research a New Lover

    Before even going on a date, discover information about your future love interest.

  • Discover Who Called You

    Run a phone search to see who's behind that unknown number.

  • Find Information on Yourself

    If you're curious about what others can see about you, you can check your own public records.


  • Steal Identities

    Do not use any information obtained on to impersonate someone.

  • Employee Background Checks

    Do not use to screen potential employees. You must adhere to the guidelines of the FCRA.

  • Review Tenants

    You can’t use to assign/terminate rent, sell, or lease residential or commercial property.

  • Stalking

    Not only is this punishable by law, but it is also against's policies to stalk someone.

  • Harassing

    Do not use the information you obtain to harass someone or contact them against their will.

  • Check Financial Qualifications

    Any data obtained from should not be used to verify someone's eligibility for a financial program.

  • Household Helpers

    Do not research information on your domestic help; including nannies, caretakers, or any other type of domestic helper.

  • Contact Someone Against Their Will

    If a person has been clear about their boundaries, you are prohibited from contacting them against their will.