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You may not realize it, but you have created an extensive trail of public records since birth. Public records are records made accessible to the public in compliance with specific laws, such as the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). These are non-confidential information that anyone can access online or through government agencies.

The FOIA has enabled citizens to be in the know about their government since 1967. Because of this act, you can access public records without going to an actual government agency to get the information. Federal public records can be local, state, or federal, and different states have different rules governing public records. can make looking up public records more accessible for you.

What Are Some Examples of Public Records?

Public records can either be information about an individual or the government. can help you do a thorough people search and go through various public records with just a few clicks. There are millions of public records available on file; these are some common examples of publicly available information.

  • Birth Records

    A birth record or a birth certificate is a legal document that records a person's date of birth, name, and parentage. Since birth records are public documents, it is possible to request a birth certificate for yourself or on behalf of someone else.

  • Tax Liens

    A tax lien is a legal claim the government makes against a property whose taxes have not been paid by the owner. If you are buying a property, you have to look into whether the property has tax liens, because the owner cannot legally sell the property until the tax lien has been paid off.

  • Marriage or Divorce Records

    If you need to look up whether someone is married or has been divorced, you can search the marriage or divorce records which are open to public access. Some of these records might be private, but after a certain amount of time, they may become available in your state.

  • Criminal Records

    Almost all criminal records are accessible to the public. The Federal Bureau of Investigation maintains a database of all criminal records on a federal level on the National Crime Information Center. All criminal records remain on file indefinitely, and unless they are covered by certain exemptions, anyone can access them.

  • Professional and Business Licenses

    If you are running a people search, you can also look up an individual's professional license, or you can look up a business license if they are a business entity. When looking up a business, you need to know the registered business name to get accurate results.

  • Postal Address

    Running a people search may also include checking on a postal address. A postal address is not a public document. However, it can become public information when a person fills out a Change of Address Form (USPS Form 3575).

  • Bankruptcy Information

    Bankruptcy is a legal proceeding that deems a person unable to pay his debt. A debtor's assets are assessed and may be used to pay off a portion of the debt to the creditor. When an individual or a company files for bankruptcy following the U.S. Bankruptcy Code, this bankruptcy information remains a public document. This information can be helpful when doing business with individuals that you do not know much about.

  • Death Certificates

    A death certificate indicates the time and date of a person's death, and the underlying factors leading to their death. That said, death certificates only become available after a certain amount of time, depending on state law.

How to Access Public Records

Public records are made available online or in person by going through the concerned government agency. For instance, if you need to look into a person's criminal history, you must go through the FBI. Tax liens can be identified through the IRS, and marriage, death, and birth records can be requested through the Vital Records Office in the specific state where it took place.

Doing a people search on your own can be tedious work, but allows you to access public records quickly and accurately. By going on, you can look up vital information about a person without going through various agencies. can pull up that information, if it's a public record.

Why can provide you with valuable information about a person - whether it's for business or personal reasons.

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  • Verify an Identity

    Searching for public records on can help you vet a person's identity. This is useful when running background checks on an individual.

  • Find Friends and Family

    Using's extensive public records database can potentially reconnect you with estranged friends and relatives. Additionally, you can connect with people you’ve never met, as long as they're your relative or associated with a relative.

  • Look Into Suspicious Activity

    Sometimes, you can get a hunch that something fishy is going on. has the resources you need to look for various information on an individual. Do you suspect that your significant other is cheating behind your back? can provide the information you need to put your mind at ease.

  • Conduct Secure Business Transactions can help you look into information about business acquaintances. This is particularly helpful when you do business with someone you just met or whose business you are not familiar with. Never wonder about where you're sending money again when you dig into the public records.

  • Manage Your Online Identity

    You can use to manage your online and public identity. can help you look into public records and social media linked to you. There may be some information out there about you that you're not aware of, and using to look into your own identity can help avoid individual blasts from the past from popping up in your life.

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