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What your people search will discover

When you conduct an advanced people search with, we'll provide you with a single easy-to-read report that includes:

  • Full name and any previous names
  • Relatives
  • Marital status
  • Age and date of birth
  • Social media accounts
  • Court records
  • Educational background
  • Current and past addresses
  • Traffic Violations
  • Online dating accounts
  • Criminal records
  • Sexual Offender Status

How to use our people search tool

Finding someone is simple. All you need are a person's first and last names.
(If you know their city and state of residence, your initial results will be more accurate.)

Step 1

Simply enter the person's details into the search tool and click 'Search'. You'll immediately get a list of people who match the information you entered into the people search. For each match, you'll see their age, location, other names, past places of residence, and close relatives. The person you're looking for will likely be at the top of this list.

Step 2

Open the full report to get more detailed information.

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Why should I do a people search?

People often conduct a people search in the following circumstances:

  • Find a lost friend

    It's easy to lose track of friends over the years. Especially if they have moved interstate or if you have. Whether you want to reconnect with old friends or just see what they're up to now, people search makes it easy; you can track down your high school friends or college roommate in seconds.

  • Locate a family member

    Losing touch with family members is more common than you might think. Our people search tool can help you reconnect with long-lost family even if their name has changed or they've relocated across the country. Conducting an online people search can also help you learn more about your distant relatives.

  • Discover previously unknown relatives

    A people search can help you uncover relatives you didn't know existed. This can be especially helpful if you're trying to build a family tree. If you're trying to trace your blood relatives, a people search might be able to give you the answers you need. All you need to get started is one relative's first and second name.

  • Vet romantic partners

    If you're contemplating a romantic relationship with someone, doing a people search can save you a lot of heartache. A people search will tell you whether your date is married, older or younger than they say, has a criminal record, or if they are on the sexual offender registry before the relationship gets serious. It's not uncommon for someone to fall for someone claiming to be something they're not.

  • Screen a new friend

    It's not just romantic partners you should vet. If you're becoming friends with someone outside of your social circle, you may want to do a people search to get a better idea of who they are. Information you get from people search allows you to make informed decisions about anyone you let into your life.

  • Check if someone is who they say they are

    Knowing exactly who you're dealing with is vital before exchanging money or personal information. Whether buying something from an online seller or checking if a job offer really is too good to be true, our people search can help. Nearly everyone knows someone who's been catfished these days, but with a people search, you can perform a quick background check to find out if someone's online profile is authentic and accurate.

  • Investigate new neighbors

    If you're concerned about the new people who have moved in next door, a people search can give you some of that much-needed peace of mind. Knowing your neighbors is especially important if you have children or animals that spend time outside. Even if you live alone, it's always good to know if you can trust your neighbors.

  • Find information about yourself

    Doing a people search for yourself is an excellent way to find out what information is out there about you. You'll be surprised at what information is publically available. Knowing what information is out there about you can help you stay one step ahead and enable you to take steps to remove any sensitive information you don't want public.

Where does your information come from?

Our search tool compiles publically available information from a range of public records, including:

  • Criminal records

    Know if the person you're searching for has a criminal past. Our criminal record search will reveal any convictions or charges and any pending court cases.

  • Arrest reports

    Learn if the person in question has ever been arrested. Arrests that don't lead to a conviction won't appear on a criminal record but will appear in our arrest report search.

  • Bankruptcies and liens

    Get an insight into someone's financial history. Searching for bankruptcies and liens will reveal if someone has a history of financial difficulty.

  • Marriage & divorce records

    Check if someone is currently married or was married before, when, and who to.

  • Sex offender registries

    Know if a person is a registered sex offender.

  • Civil records

    Discover any non-criminal legal disputes. Civil records can contain a wealth of information about restraining orders, child custody disputes, debts, and other non-criminal legal dealings.

  • Traffic violations

    Find out if someone's a safe driver. We search traffic violations to uncover involvement in road accidents and any traffic violations such as speeding tickets and DUIs.

  • Lawsuits

    Learn if someone has been involved in any lawsuits. Not all lawsuits are public records, but many are, including small claims cases, evictions, and foreclosures.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you're thinking about doing a people search, you might have some questions. These are the most frequently asked questions about our people search:

Can't I just find all this information myself?
You can, but it would take a lot of time and effort. To get a complete picture of someone, you'd need to search through various public records, which will mean going to different government offices and courthouses. Our people search tool does all the hard work for you and presents all the information in one easy-to-use report.