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How to Find Someone's Email with

Emails are one of the most common points of contact for people, with millions of emails being sent each day. Getting in touch with someone via email is also the best method to contact people professionally. Unfortunately, it's not always easy to get someone's email. You may not have their current email address, or you might want to learn more about an email’s owner before you open a link you received.

Regardless of why you're looking for an email, we're here to help. When you leverage’s tools, you can find just about any email address.

How to Lookup an Email with

Trying to find someone’s email address? We’ll show you some handy tools that can help with the reverse email lookup process. You can use any of these methods individually or all of them together to get a full picture of the people you interact with.

People Search

A people search uses a person’s name to find immediate and essential facts about where a person lives, connected phone numbers and email addresses, pertinent public records (such as criminal and arrest records), and current or past addresses.

All of this information gives you a quick, easy picture that helps you evaluate whether or not someone is safe to be around. People searches with are also safe and easy to use.

Address Lookup

An address lookup is essential when you are considering buying or renting a property. A quick address search can shed information on property tax records, the previous ownership history of a property, and information on how a property has been maintained.

This allows you to make an informed decision about purchasing, renting, or investing in a property. An address lookup tool can help you discover the information you need about a property before making a decision.

Reverse Phone Lookup

Completing a reverse phone lookup can help you identify whether or not unknown callers are scammers or telemarketers. Phone lookups can also help you determine the name of someone who is calling you, along with information such as their potential addresses, online accounts, email addresses, and known or suspected relatives, friends, and associates.

Public Records

When looking for information about an email, public records can be a huge help. Public record search tools will help you find just about anything as long as there is a record of it. When it comes to emails, there are plenty of records available, so you shouldn't have any issues. Use our public records search tool to see if you can learn more about an email address or find an email address.

All of this information gives you an idea of whether or not someone who is trying to contact you is safe, and can even help you pin down important facts about a long-lost relative, friend, or potential date.

Why Do People Need to Use Reverse Email Lookups or Find an Email?

While you may not have heard of reverse email lookups before, plenty of people need to use this helpful tool to identify who is sending emails to them, narrow down whether or not an email is phishing or junk, and ensure that their data is not compromised.

People need to use email lookups when they can’t send an email back to the sender and ask them about their information, or if they need to obtain information about the email sender without the sender knowing to properly decide on the email’s safety.

Who Might Need to Perform an Email Lookup?

If you have an email address, you’re likely to need to perform an email lookup at some point. The types of people who most commonly need to perform email lookups are:


It’s no secret that marketers send out lots of emails to individuals with specific targeting in mind. If you’re getting emails that bounce back, or if you get no response to your targeted emails, then an email lookup may be necessary to determine if the email addresses you have collected are real or not.

Email lookups can also help marketers determine if they are targeting the right location or people with their emails.


Individuals going about their daily lives may find the need to look up suspicious emails they receive to determine whether or not they are a scam.

Email lookups can also benefit individuals searching for information about potential partners before first dates or help them identify the culprit behind harassing emails so actions can be taken to stop them.

Security Analysts

Security analysts are professionals hired by companies or other employers to protect the data of a company and analyze security threats.

These professionals may need to use the email lookup tool to determine if the sender of an email is safe, verify whether or not emails are scams, and prevent fraud, phishing, or cyberattacks from targeting their employer.

Why Email Lookups Are Important

Email lookups are a good idea, and the data on this doesn't lie. Check out the facts below that prove the many benefits of email lookups.

  • Nearly 85% of all emails received are spam
  • Spam emails cost businesses approximately $20.5 billion each year
  • The most common spam categories for emails are advertisements, chain mail, phishing, hoaxes, adult content, money scams, and malware warnings
  • 94% of malware that makes its way onto computers is delivered in an email
  • Google’s Gmail protection service alone blocks over 100 million phishing emails from finding their way to unsuspecting inboxes each day
  • In 2019, Americans attested to losing approximately $70,000 to Nigerian prince scams delivered via email

All these statistics point to email lookups being a great idea to protect yourself from scams and fraud, and to find out important information on who has access to your email data.

Email Lookup FAQs

Email lookups may still be confusing for some individuals. After all, this is a lot of information to take in. Look over our answers to your frequently asked questions about email lookups below to ensure that any lingering worries about email lookups are put to rest.

How Do Reverse Email Lookups Work?

Email lookups work by inputting someone’s information into our search tool, running the search, and reviewing all the information that our database turns up. Any of the information in the report will be data that is associated with these email addresses from across the web and from any applicable public records.

Where Does Reverse Email Lookup Data Come From?

Reverse email lookup data comes from third-party sources and public records. Any data that is associated with the email address you are researching will be shown after the search is performed. This helps you gain a complete picture of the sender of the email, what their intentions in sending the email may be, and whether or not the sender is safe to interact with.

What Kind of Information Does an Email Lookup Give Me?

An email lookup with return information, such as the email owner’s name, social and web accounts, public records, known current or past addresses, phone numbers, other associated email addresses, and potential friends, relatives, and associates, among other things.

How Can I Use the Information I Find Through an Email Lookup?

You can use the information that you gain from an email lookup to determine whether or not an email sender is trying to scam or fraud you. You can also use the information gathered about an email sender to determine who the sender is, if they are safe, or if there is any other important information that you need to know about them before answering their email or forming a deeper relationship with them.

Are Email Lookups Legal?

Yes, email lookups are perfectly legal. The information that is returned using an email lookup has been gathered from public records and third-party sources. While there are restrictions on how you can use the data you find, according to the Fair Credit Reporting Act, looking up information via someone’s email and using it for your own knowledge and personal (not employment- or financial-related) decision-making is legal. People Directory

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