Release of YouTube Music: A Transition From Google Play Music in the Pipeline.

By Kate Hadley — Published June 20, 2018

Release of YouTube Music: A Transition From Google Play Music in the Pipeline.

Google plans to replace Google Play Music with YouTube Music. If you have never heard of YouTube Music then let us break it down for you. YouTube Music (Google's music streaming service) is available in pay monthly and ad-supported flavors whereas YouTube Premium provides customers with both music and video streaming. In the US, a monthly free to YouTube music is priced at $9.99 or $14.99 for a family package and is a competitor for other music streaming services such as Spotify and Apple Music. Youtube Premium (formerly known as YouTube Red) is slightly more expensive ($2 more a month) and includes a full video service and other additional perks.

As of June 18, YouTube Music and YouTube Premium have launched in the UK as week as being available in a total of 17 countries including Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Russia, UK and USA. In February, we heard from the CEO of YouTube, Susan Wohjcicki that there were plans for expansion in the pipeline and it has since been announced that YouTube Music will be replacing Google Play music. Since YouTube Music arrived on to our mobile devices a lot of us wondered why it was not a direct replacement to Google Play Music. Yes, YouTube Music has the added advantage of being able to access the huge number of tracks and music videos available on YouTube however what is the real reason that YouTube music and Google Play Music were co-existing?

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The people at YouTube want to ensure that eventually, the aspects of Google Play Music that its customers enjoy are eventually transferred over to YouTube Music. Until those features are successfully transferred to YouTube Music, YouTube has a commitment to their Google Play Music users. These special features include user profiles, playlists and the locker service which allows customers to upload music to the cloud so they are available to stream wherever, whenever.

Google are hoping to transition all of their Google Play Music customers over to YouTube Music in 2019 at the earliest and ensure it will be a smooth, and simple transition for their many customers.

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