Why Invest in Real Estate

By information.com — Published September 26, 2017

Why Invest in Real Estate

Ever wondered why real estate is always considered as one of the most robust and reliable investment opportunities? Well then, here is a list of compelling reasons why people prefer investing in real estate as a means of reaping incredible long-term returns.

Safe investment option

Risk and returns are two of the most important factors that need to be considered while investing your hard earned money in the market. The reason why real estate investment is considered to be the safest option is that the value of property is not influenced by the volatility of the share market and tends to increase with time regardless of any outside economic fluctuations. That being said, real estate investment is a far more reliable and lucrative investment option as compared to the regular share market products such as equities and bonds. Also, by diversifying your real estate portfolio, you can further create a more secure investment plan that promises impressive returns with minimum risks in the long haul.

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Steady income

The rental income that you earn by investing in a real estate property makes for a great source of passive income and an added incentive to cover your monthly expenses and make extra money on the side. If you invest in a property in a profitable urban location, you can easily reap substantial gains in the form of steady income as well as seed money for your retirement or other contingency funds.

Tax Benefits

Another great advantage of real estate investment is that it offers you substantial tax exemptions on your rental properties. For instance, the income that you procure from the rent on your property is exempted from self-employment tax. In Addition to this, the federal government also provides tax breaks for real estate investors for the purpose of covering their travel expenses, maintenance repairs, insurance, property depreciation, property taxes and legal fees. And what’s more! By investing in a real estate property you also enjoy lower tax rates on your long-term gains.

Increase in net worth

Investing in a real estate property with a mortgage and renting it, implies that the monthly installments are typically being paid off by your tenant-adding on to your net worth with each paid installment. In essence, it is more like a savings account where your wealth is getting accumulated automatically without you having to add any funds each month. Several years down the line when your mortgage has been entirely paid off, you would own a hugely profitable asset that you can either continue renting for steady cash inflows or sell off for a handsome lump sum.

People nowadays prefer investing in real estate also because of the fact that the entire process has become highly simplified given the technological advancements in the industry. All you need to do is list your property on a real estate website or social media portal such as Facebook, add some pictures, list your requirements and you are good to go!

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