When to Buy What? Deals Guide

By Eric C. — Published April 23, 2018

When to Buy What? Deals Guide

Frugality is the motto of every consumer. Often, we look for deals, coupons, discounts, anything that will help us stay within our budget and also help us save some money.

One of the best ways to save money when purchasing things like books, cars, airline tickets, and so on is to look out for the best time of the year to buy them.

Here is a guide to the best times of the year to buy certain products.

It is a good time to buy furniture. This is because, usually, new collections are out by the month of February. This means that old stock needs to be cleared out to make room for the new stock. There is bound to be great deals and discounts on furniture during this time of the year.

It is also the best time to buy carpeting, motorcycles, exercise equipment, and even houses

February is an especially busy time with all the commotion about Valentine's day. You can get great discounts on food items like steaks, canned food, and chocolates after Valentine's day though definitely not before.

In addition, with President's Day in tow, you are likely to get some good discounts on tools, furniture, linen, and so on.

For those of you who don't know, March is the National Frozen Foods month, which means that you should be keeping a lookout for some great deals on frozen foods during this time. In addition, the fuss of Valentine's day has completely died down and there are no upcoming festivals on the horizon. This simply means you get huge discounts on all sorts of gift items including toys, perfumes, sheets, and chocolates.

There is bound to be discounts on plenty of food products as part of the clearance sale that will be held in most stores after Easter. Airplane tickets to places like the Caribbean are bound to be cheaper by Mid-April since it is the end of the tourist season by this time. The same applies to cruises.

Also, April is the best time to buy laptops, sneakers, cookware, and car supplies.

With the warm weather setting in, it is the season for barbecues and outdoor parties. You are likely to get good deals on marinades, sauces, hot dogs, ground beef, steaks, hamburgers, dinner rolls, buns, and all the things you would need for a barbecue party.

May is also a good time to buy refrigerators, cookware, and even a gym membership.
The Victoria's Secret semi-annual sale during the month means there will be huge discounts on women's wear and lingerie. Phone companies will be offering their most competitive prices in hopes that parents will be buying phones for their children who are about to leave for college.

Summer sales everywhere, you are in line for some great deals on dresses, jewelry, party supplies, and plenty of food items.

The back-to-school frenzy means discounts on backpacks, notebooks, textbooks, stationery items, and lunch boxes. With most colleges kick-starting in August, department stores have good sales going on for most of their products.

With the start of the fall, retailers offer great deals on denim due to the high demand during the fall season. In addition, since changing homes and planning weddings are low on the list, there are sales on wines, kitchenware, and cars.

New car models are released by the end of September. You can buy old models at great prices during October as retailers try to make room for the new models. With the camping season slowly coming to an end, now is a good time to stock up on camping gear as department stores make room for winter stock.

November is an exciting month with Halloween, Thanksgiving, and the preparations for Christmas. You will find huge discounts on candy and several Halloween products. Also, the holiday season is excellent for purchasing electronic items such as TVs as stores offer them at discounted prices for those early Christmas shoppers.

It's only natural that you get discounts on Christmas essentials like baking supplies, spices, nuts, and oatmeal. It is a good idea to stock up on holiday decorations after Christmas. Retailers slash prices of such products for clearing out their shelves.

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