When can an Employer Fire You? Is it by Phone or Email?

By Eddie V. — Published February 12, 2018

When can an Employer Fire You? Is it by Phone or Email?

Termination of contract is not a pleasant term for an employee. It means that the employer is firing you from the organization. Getting fired can put your whole life in jeopardy, especially if it comes at a time when you are facing enough financial difficulties on your own. Termination of contract is usually carried out by the department of human resources in an organization. In most cases, human resources personnel will sit you down and go over the terms of your termination. You will be duly notified about the status of any benefits you are entitled to. The company makes sure you receive a signed letter of termination before proceeding further.

In most cases, an employee will be notified of the termination by the human resource personnel.

Reasons for termination of an employee
Your employer may be forced to terminate you under the following conditions.

Disrespecting your seniors in an organization is not looked upon kindly. A blatant refusal to comply with orders that are issued or a disregard for policies can become a solid cause that can lead up to your termination.

Fear of getting fired should, however, not stop you from expressing your opinions or disagreements. There is, however, a very fine line between insubordination and expressing your opinion. It is best to be polite while expressing your opinion. If this does not seem to have an effect, approach the department of human resources.

Consistent poor performance
A poorly performing employee is a liability to an organization and it is in the best interests of the organization to fire such an employee. Most companies give their employees several warnings before deciding to terminate their employment. Failure to fulfill your duties is a serious issue and it is best to try and resolve your weak performance.

An employer has full rights to terminate any employee who has been proved to misbehave with their colleagues. Lying, sexual harassment, stealing, and other forms of misbehavior can form stable grounds for the termination of an employee. In such cases, an employer can terminate without giving prior notice, especially if an employee's conduct is beyond acceptable.

Violation of policies
Before taking up a job, it is always best to review the company policies of the organization that is hiring you. Failure to comply with company policies is a serious offense and can lead to termination. A company may have certain policies on proper conduct, using company property, taking leaves, and so on. All such policies must be taken seriously. If an employer finds that you are not complying with the policies, he or she has grounds to fire you without notice.

Can an employer fire you through phone or e-mail?
In most cases, termination of an employee is a process that is undertaken by the human resources department. In some cases, an employee may be fired through phone or e-mail. While it is not good company policy, there are no laws that state an employer cannot fire an employee of the organization through phone or e-mail.

An employer cannot fire an employee through phone or e-mail if it has been mentioned specifically in a contract between the company and the employee.

Most companies do not prefer to fire an employee through such mediums since it could prove to be detrimental to staff morale. If at all an employee has been fired through phone or e-mail, the news is likely to spread through the organization and this could affect the productivity and trust that an employee has in an organization. In such cases, it could be difficult to retain other employees. This is why most companies have standard policies when it comes to termination.

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