What is Amazon Prime Day?

by Garry S.

2 years ago
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In just a few hours, 3 p.m. ET, Amazon Prime Day will begin, and Prime customers all over the world will shop till they drop in the popular online marketplace. What started out as a day to celebrate Amazon's 20th anniversary in 2015 has become an annual event that more and more people join in to buy the biggest name products for the smallest prices.

After working out some kinks noted during Prime Day 2015, Amazon enjoyed its biggest sales day in 2017, a record that was only surpassed by Cyber Monday 2017.

What is it all about?

Amazon Prime Day, that was invented to compete with Black Friday sales, is the website's biggest sale holiday of the year. On this sacred shopping holiday, Amazon's Prime customers will enjoy a slew of sales in basically every category on the website.

The most wanted products are the ones that pay off the most, meaning all the electronic equipment and gadgets whose prices usually run pretty high. Unlike previous years, this year's sales will be available to plenty of countries outside the US, like China, France, Spain, UK, India, Germany, and Canada, just to name a few.

The sale prices won't only apply to Amazon brand products, but also to items sold by other retailers, who will be competing for your attention and your wallet today.

Amazon Prime Day 2018 is expected to be a major shopping day for the website, so if you're a Prime customer, start filling your cart. If not, this is the day to join the club and enjoy one of the largest online sales to date.