Prepare for the Perfect Weekend Getaway with this Duffel!

Prepare for the Perfect Weekend Getaway with this Duffel!

Another three-day weekend will be here before you know, which means it's time to prepare for a long weekend getaway! Taking a vacation, even just for a weekend, can be incredibly refreshing. Some of the benefits of short minivacations are reduced stress, increased energy, and greater feelings of happiness. Many Americans report feeling anxious about requesting time off and don't use all of their accrued vacation days at work. One way to get around this is by taking advantage of going on a vacation over a long weekend.

Whether you choose to take a short flight somewhere or simply drive out to the mountains or the coast, escaping town can often mean escaping from worries and stress that you feel at home. You can choose to go alone or with a group of friends or family. When you expand your horizons through travel, you get to learn something new and can gain a new, fresh perspective on life.

In addition to planning where you want to go and a basic itinerary, you're going to need to pack a bag. Having just the right bag to keep you organized while comfortably fitting your belongings can make a big difference in your travel experience. That's why we recommend this cute weekender bag!

TIANS 3-Way Travel Duffel with Shoe Compartment

We love this weekender bag for so many reasons! First of all, one of the grossest things in our opinion about packing is laying dirty shoes on top of clean clothes. Instead of wrapping your shoes in plastic grocery bags, this weekend duffel comes with a shoe compartment!  The shoe compartment is ventilated so any lingering odors are alleviated. If for whatever reason you're not planning on bringing a separate pair of shoes, you could also easily use this compartment to store dirty clothing items.

There is plenty of room to keep a few changes of clothes for your weekend getaway. The inside top of this duffel has a mesh zipper pocket, and inside the main compartment of the bag is a pocket that is perfect for storing your wallet or similarly sized items. A front zipper compartment can store your tablet, Kindle, or book. There is even a mesh pocket on the side to hold your water bottle!

The main compartment of this duffel is opened via a U-shaped opening with a two-way zipper. We love the gray color which can be suitable for men and women alike. The material is wear-resistant and rip-stop for durability. You can carry this duffel three ways: as a backpack, cross-body, or by one hand. It has both a hand carry strap and shoulder straps. The shoulder strap to turn it into a backpack is detachable. You can adjust the length of the straps, which are strong and padded for comfort.  


Bottom Line

This fashionable bag weighs just 2.6 pounds.  Reviewers found it very well made, love the pockets, and report having plenty of packing space. When you're done with your trip, you can easily use it as a gym bag. The shoe compartment fits shoes up to size 15, so it should work for most people. If you need to wash it, it's recommended to wash it by hand and allow to air dry. All in all, we highly recommend this bag for your next long weekend getaway!

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