Ways to Earn Money from Your Home

By Eddie V. — Published February 25, 2018

Ways to Earn Money from Your Home

Most of us depend on a regular job to earn an income. But, here’s the thing – your job doesn’t have to be the only source of income. You can actually make money from home, right from the comfort of your own room.

Making money from home isn’t just a thing of fantasy. If you’re creative and enterprising enough, it’s more than possible. So, if you’re wondering how to make money from home, here are a few suggestions.

Rent your parking space
This might sound strange, but it’s something that a lot of people are actually doing. You see, not everyone has the good fortune of having their own reserved parking spot or driveway, especially in large, crowded cities. So, finding a parking spot can turn out to be quite a task and almost a privilege.
If you have a reserved parking space that isn’t being used, you can simply let it out to people struggling to find a parking spot.

Even if you are using the parking spot, you can still rent it out on days when you’re out of town or on vacation.

As for charges, you can either go with an hourly, daily, or monthly system.

But, there are a few things you need to check. Firstly, find out if its legal in your area to rent out parking spaces this way. If you live in an area that’s overseen by an HOA (Homeowner’s Association), make sure you have their permission.

Finally, make sure you discuss it with your insurance provider as well. You will need coverage for possible liability claims.

Rent out your home
Now, this isn’t a novel idea as such. People have been renting their homes for extra income since the beginning of time. However, you don’t have to limit yourself to the average tenant. In fact, you can make more money by converting your investment property into an office.

With the startup culture booming these days, there are plenty of entrepreneurs looking for affordable office spaces. Apart from that, you can even rent your home out to a movie studio. Movie studios are always looking for locations to shoot their shows and films in and homes are right on top of their list.
Your property doesn’t have to be a mansion. Even regular houses attract a lot of attention. So, list your home on location scouting website like Locationshub.com.

What’s even more amazing is that most studios pay a hefty sum for these houses. In fact, reports indicate that the rent is high enough to cover a mortgage. So, try your luck. You never know. You could just earn enough to close your mortgage.

Turn your yard into a sales location
Yards have often been associated with yard sales, but who says your yard can only be used for your own yard sale? Well, no one. Your yard can be used to accommodate all kinds of things. If a neighbor doesn’t have enough space in their own yard for a yard sale, rent out yours.

You can even let out your yard for small, local events and gatherings.

Let out your couch/room
Have you heard of Couchsurfing? Well, it is basically an app that connects you with travelers who’re looking for a place to stay. All you have to do is become a member and let out a room or even just a couch. This is an easy and excellent way to make money from home.

Of course, Couchsurfing isn’t the only app. There are others like Airbnb that offer a similar service. Explore and find out which option works best for you.\

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