Walmart Will Now Provide 3D Online Shopping

by Garry S.

2 years ago
Industry News

In an announcement made on Wednesday, retail giant, Walmart Inc., has introduced its new service – a 3D virtual online store. The new shopping experience will be available on the company's website and it is meant to help customers shop with ease and choose the items they want to purchase.

The 3D shopping experience will include a virtual apartment where customers can "walk around" and choose the items featured in it. Along with Walmart's own brand, the 3D store will also include items from 70 brands that shoppers will be able to choose from.

Walmart has been in contact with logistics companies in order to make online orders available for delivery as it continues to invest billions to develop its e-commerce presence. The retailer's announcement comes as part of an overall attempt made by different companies to improve online shopping and take a bigger bite out of the online shopping market.

Walmart's virtual reality experience has been made possible thanks to its technology incubator, Store No 8, that bought a virtual startup named Spatialand back in February. The technology purchased by the retailer will help make VR products available on its online store and get a running start in the new online shopping race.