This Sweet Dog Went Viral after Watching Over Her Premature Puppies in the Incubator

Dogs are some of the most loving creatures around, and one of these adorable 4-legged fur balls became famous after a video of her watching her puppies in an incubator went viral. So sweet!

Any dog owner knows that these loving four-legged creatures are as close as possible to being human, and that their love knows no boundaries. One recent video showed just how much this is true, and that a mother's love crosses boundaries and species. Kuma, a 4-year-old French Bulldog gave birth to 3 sweet puppies that were born prematurely and 2 of them were placed in an incubator.

The staff at the vet office where the puppies were treated took the young mama to see her puppies and her reaction is absolutely heart melting. Kuma pawed up to the incubator and stared at her puppies, refusing to leave their side. The video of the canine motherly love went viral since it went out earlier this month, and we definitely join the 'ahhhh' team on this one.

Source: YouTube/Viral Press