Veronica Mars Revival Coming to Hulu

Veronica Mars is the teen mystery drama TV series that, despite being off the air for 11 years now, has never gone away for long.  The show, written by Rob Thomas, originally aired for three seasons on UPN/The CW between 2004 and 2007. After the series was canceled, a Kickstarter campaign helped to fund a feature film, which was released on March 14, 2014. Since then, Thomas continued the story with a series of novels, and now we hear that a Hulu reboot of the show is in the works!

Veronica Mars stars Kristen Bell as the title character, who starts the series as a high school student (and later, college student) who moonlights as a private investigator under the tutelage of her father. The California teen solves stand-alone cases each episode, while also working to solve a complex, longer mysteries. In the first two seasons, each larger mystery lasted the entire season, whereas, during the final season, the bigger mystery arcs instead lasted a few episodes at a time.  

Thomas first conceived of the story of a teen detective in the format of a young adult novel. In it, however, the protagonist was male. He later decided that a television script would prove more successful as well as changing the main character's gender to female would add a more interesting depth to the story. Bell found the role of Veronica Mars particularly meaningful, saying "Veronica Mars was very, very special because she was somewhat of a superhero outcast. It's very, very difficult to write someone with all of those qualities, as layered as she was. I think maybe it's just that I've never found anything like her since. She was incredibly unique."

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While the president of the CW at that time, Dawn Ostroff, found that Veronica Mars did not receive high enough ratings to continue the series, the show nevertheless developed a loyal fan base. In fact, a group of fans even hired a plane to fly over the CW offices with a banner reading "Renew Veronica Mars." When the show was cancelled, fans also were responsible for sending more than 10,000 Mars Bars to the CW headquarters to encourage a reversal of the decision. The 2013 Kickstarter that resulted in Thomas's feature film production was in part funded by 91,585 fans who donated $5,702,153.

Apparently, the deal has been in the works for months now between Warner Bros. and Hulu. Kristen Bell and Rob Thomas are both excited to be joining the Veronica Mars revival, something they've dreamt of for years.  The production is not expected to interfere with Bell's other starring role on NBC television series The Good Place. While Warner Bros. and Hulu are remaining largely silent about it, rumor has it that the latest resurrection of the beloved television series will cover eight episodes. While there are no other details publicly available yet, dedicated fans are already rejoicing the news and eagerly awaiting updates when the deal officially closes and production begins.  

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