UPS Job and Career Information

By Clark K. — Published February 14, 2018

UPS Job and Career Information

Imagine you wish to set up an ice cream stand in your neighborhood. You have ordered all that you need – cups, plates, ice cream tubs, ice and a host of other items and equipment. You are to receive your order in a few weeks’ time. How do you think these items will reach you?

Well, thanks must be given to the driven and skilled logistics solutions provider who will do everything from picking up the products from the manufacturers to packaging them for the long travel ahead to the door delivery of the products to your home. Not only will these logistics specialists procure your products but they will coordinate the delivery of the same so that you aren’t inconvenienced at any step of the way.

This is a job fraught with multiple challenges and bottlenecks, and it takes a specialized set of skills, knowledge, and expertise to be a part of the elite group who are in charge of goods transportation on a global scale.

UPS – the company where dreams become reality

When it comes to logistics, one of the best companies to trust is UPS. United Parcel Service, headquartered in Georgia, have in a span of 110 years, successfully delivered millions of packages around the globe.

Becoming a part of a conglomerate of this caliber is a dream for many. In this article, we’ve listed out important information about the different careers at UPS.

Different jobs at UPS

UPS has three distinct career paths for interested applicants:

❖ Professional roles
Corporate roles are by far one of the most sought-after at UPS. Applicants have a wide range of departments they can apply to, including:

• Marketing
• Sales
• Customer solutions
• Engineering
• Information Technology
• Finance & accounting
• Global business services

The qualification for each of these roles is:
• Minimum age of 21 at the time of application
• An educational degree in the relevant field
• Relevant experience in the same or related field

UPS offers various training opportunities for successful applicants who have been on-boarded.

❖ Drivers and mechanics
Interested in becoming a driver or mechanic for UPS? Read on.

Ideal candidates for package delivery and tractor-trailer driver roles are:

• People who have passed the Department of Transportation (DOT) physical examination
• Are 21 years of age at the time of the application
• Have a valid driver's license
• Have experience operating a vehicle with standard manual transmission
• Possess certifications – Hazmat and Doubles (in case of transportation of sensitive/chemical/radioactive materials)
• Are physically fit and able to lift heavy weights

Qualification for automotive mechanics is:
• Are 21 years of age at the time of the application
• Have experience working on various types of automobiles
• Possess certifications – Hazmat and Doubles (in case of servicing of vehicles carrying sensitive/chemical/radioactive materials)
• Are physically fit and able to lift heavy weights

❖ Part-time, seasonal and hourly roles
The part-time roles at UPS are perfect for students looking to put themselves through college. UPS offers educational support to students by providing financial aid up to $25,000 towards higher education.

The various roles available under this category are:
• Package handlers
This role involves door-to-door delivery of packages. The role of package handlers is available across the United States.
• Logistics
Roles such as Customs Brokerage, Trade Management, Solutions Delivery Management, and Enterprise Network Planning fall within this category. Some jobs under this role require relocation to other states.
• Seasonal and hourly roles
Seasonal and hourly roles for package handlers – air, land, and sea are available.
• Seasonal driver help
The qualifications to become a seasonal driver are the same as applying for a permanent driver role at the company.

Application process
• Log on to the company’s official website
• Create an account in the ‘Application Center’
• Submit online application form on the portal
• Complete the computer-based tests provided
• Attend the face-to-face interview and tests scheduled
• Upload all the relevant degrees, documents, and certificates
• Accept the offer

UPS has a Disability Accommodation request page where candidates with any disability can request support during the application and interview stages. Be sure to use this facility if you require it.

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