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Perfect Your Posture with Upright GO

Perfect Your Posture with Upright GO

Growing up, you probably remember being told to "sit up straight" more than once by well-meaning adults. While it may have been annoying at the time, good posture is actually strongly correlated to health. Poor posture can put unnatural stress on your joints. Proper alignment while sitting and standing can help prevent injuries. Chronic pain affects one-in-three Americans and costs billions of dollars a year, but good posture is can help prevent this kind of daily discomfort that interferes with work, playing with your kids, and doing the things you love most.

Breathing deeply is easier when your spine is straight and your shoulder back, opening up your airway. Improved air flow can relieve stress as well as improve mental focus, as more oxygen can freely reach your brain. Though slouching is certainly easier and feels less like work, good posture increases your core strength which in turn helps with balance. This may not mean much to you now, but as we age, it can make the difference between continuing to live independently versus no longer being able to do so. Maintaining proper form and posture can also help with stomach problems as your digestive system won't be compressed. Additionally, good posture can make you look thinner, your clothes appear to fit better, and even give you a confidence boost!

When you have good posture, your shoulders will be even – not forward or inched up towards your ears. Your hips and knees should be aligned and facing straight ahead. Your spine should be neutral and your weight should be evenly distributed on both feet. While you can certainly try to remember to sit up straight, without some sort of reminder, you're likely to return to your old ways pretty quickly. Luckily, there is a device that can help.

Upright GO

The Upright GO joins the wearable tech trend, this time with an aim of correcting your posture. The American Posture Institute recommends it as a highly effective tool. You start by installing the free Upright GO app which is compatible with both iOS and Android. Next, you attach the small, inconspicuous Upright GO device to your upper back. It comes with five hypoallergenic adhesive stickers which each last for about two weeks of use each, though some reviewers in particularly hot environments where they sweat a lot found they didn't always last the full two weeks. If you run out of adhesives, you can always order more online. It is important to remember to clean the site you want to place the adhesive prior to application to get the best stick. Reviewers liked that the Upright Go is discreet enough not to show under clothing, so no one even has to know you're wearing it!

When you first put on the Upright GO, you'll be cued to alternate between sitting up straight and slouching so that the sensors can calibrate. With the app in Training Mode, you'll feel a gentle vibration whenever you slouch, reminding you to straighten your spine. You can adjust both the sensitivity and the vibration in the app to a level that is comfortable for you. You don't have to use the Training Mode all day, but it's a good idea to at least give yourself a training session at least once a day to help keep you on track and see improvements. The app will actually generate a personalized training plan just for you in order to meet your goals based on your answers to specific questions. When you are not in Training Mode, you can enter Tracking Mode which simply monitors your posture throughout the day without any vibrations. Check your stats on the app to ascertain your improvement over time. Seeing the percentage of time spent upright versus slouched in pie chart form was often quite the shock for reviewers. An hourly timeline also indicates what hours of day you were upright, slouching, and in training mode. Set the Upright GO to charge at night when you're sleeping, and you'll be ready to go again in the morning!


Bottom Line

It can take a long time to break a bad habit, especially one as normalized as slouching. The Upright GO is a small, technological coach that keeps you on track and provides real-time feedback so that you can see the progress your make towards your goal. It is small enough to not be noticeable and so lightweight that you'll forget you're wearing it, at least until it vibrates to alert you that you're slouching again! Reviewers found that not only were they standing up straighter thanks to this product, but that their back pain also alleviated and they felt more confident overall! It is impossible not to improve your posture when you use the Upright GO.

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