What is Unclaimed Money?

State governments in the United States are holding close to $60 Billion in unclaimed money and funds! When businesses and corporations owe you money but can not send it to you, they are obligated to turn it over to the State. Every States keeps the record and the money. If the money belongs to you or your family, you may submit a claim in order to claim your money. If government owes you money and you do not claim it, it is called unclaimed money. This may be banks, pensions, safety deposit boxes, pensions, checking accounts, travel check, insurance policies, overpayments and other sources!

State governments have limited resources. They keep track and record for unclaimed money or funds, however, they do not actively reach out to owners to claim to money.

Searching for Unclaimed Money is 100% FREE!

information.com searches a deep data base and matches your name to unclaimed money. It is your responsibility to reach out to your state via their website and complete an official form.

If you did not find any money in your name, you can sign up for a FREE information.com account and we will notify you when unclaimed money in your name appears in your data base!

How Does it Work?

Information.com offers a variety of free services! Our system will automatically search all state governments for any unclaimed money in your name. If there are funds or money that belongs to you, our system will notify you and will direct you to the relevant state government website. You can than submit a claim to claim your money or funds!

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