Alleged Gender Discrimination Means Trouble for Uber

By Gary Simmons — Published July 17, 2018

Alleged Gender Discrimination Means Trouble for Uber

Uber has recently been in the limelight for discriminating based on the sobriety of their customers and they are now under investigation by the US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. There appears to be concern surrounding possible gender discrimination which encompasses areas of the work place including hiring practices, wages and other gender-related topics. It has recently been reported by The Wall Street Journal that EEOC investigators have been interviewing both past and present uber employees about their company culture and are also requesting internal documents.

What's more, Uber is already facing at least 5 other federal investigations by various other agencies surrounding other sensitive issues such as pricing practices, bribery accusations and more. What's more, Recently, a former software engineer sued Uber over sexual harassment claims amongst other things and last year, we saw Uber executing 20 firings after an investigation into the workplace by former Attorney General Eric Holder.

New Chief Executive, Dara Khosrowshahi is currently faced with a huge challenge on his hands. He has appeared before lawmakers and regulators to make Uber's case as well as appearing on a television advertising campaign promising new beginnings and a company culture where Uber will "always do the right thing." In addition, uber claims to have made "a lot of changes in the past 18 months". They have been addressing gender equality in the form of market-based salaries, new ways of implementing performance reviews and creating a more 'transparent' culture when it comes to publishing diversity and inclusion results.

Nevertheless, this investigation conducted by the EEOC highlights the struggle for Khosrowshahi that is yet to come. Not only is the latest accusation unfortunately unsurprising but the new CEO is also having to overcome an unstable leadership framework as Chief People Officer Liane Hornsey departed earlier last week due to an internal investigation into race-based discrimination. He has commented that “Sometimes it takes a punch in the face to see things clearly,” Khosrowshahi said. “This was one of the moments for me. This was a rough week. But it is incredibly motivating. I think we absolutely have the tools [to improve the company culture]. And I’m the one person who has to stand behind what happened. I don’t like what happened."

Unfortunately, this it yet another unpleasant accusation for Uber that paints the company culture in a less than flattering light.

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