Tricks to Save More Money on Amazon!

By Eddie V. — Published February 19, 2018

Tricks to Save More Money on Amazon!

Amazon is one of the largest e-commerce platforms, and of course, one of the most popular as well. Today, Amazon is the go-to website for purchasing anything from an elastic band to, well, almost anything. You can get groceries, mobile phones, medicines, and what not! Shopping on Amazon is all about convenience. The e-commerce giant is unrivaled in its customer service as well. What more can you ask for?

“Well, personally, I wouldn't mind discounts on my purchases”. If you too happen to wish for the same, here are a few tricks you can use to save more money when shopping at Amazon.

Join Amazon Prime
Joining Amazon Prime has several advantages. You get free shipping on almost all items, not to mention any order that you make will be shipped to you within a day or two. In addition, you can watch unlimited movies and series on Amazon Prime for an entire year. For bookworms, the Kindle Owners' Lending Library, and the Kindle First program offer a free Kindle book every month! It does not end there. You also have access to photo storage and more than a million songs and albums. By access we mean, unlimited access.

All you have to do is pay $99 and get the Amazon Prime Membership.

Trade your old gadgets for cash
If you have electronic items gathering dust at the back of your cupboard or even old books, you can trade them on Amazon in return for gift cards. The only requirement is that all the items must be in good shape. You don't even have to take care of shipping!

Discounted prices for used items
If you do not have a dire need to get everything firsthand, you can purchase second-hand items at discounted prices from Amazon. The platform ensures that all such items are in reasonably good condition and are of acceptable quality. It is a great way to save some money and the best part is that you can purchase anything from electronics to home goods.

Use the subscribe and save option
Amazon offers its customers a ‘subscribe and save’ option. Simply subscribe to the product and get discounted prices. This is extremely useful for household and grocery essential items. You can avail up to 15% discounts on your regular purchases.

Lightning deals
'Lightning deals' is a promotional tactic which is quite useful for customers. Lightning deals are applicable only on single products and they last for up to four hours at a time. You can find the lightning deal under the "today's deals" link in Amazon. You have to be really quick to avail the promotional offers in such deals.

Refunds on delays in shipping
At times, it so happens that you paid for quick shipping, but the item does not arrive on the expected date. In such cases, you can track your shipment and ask for a full refund on your shipping. This way, you can save a good amount of money on shipping.

Amazon coupons
Amazon offers its customers coupons for purchasing items such as cleaning supplies, supplements, and so on. These coupons offer shoppers a reasonable discount on the items the coupon is applicable for. While it may not be much, remember, every drop counts.

Loose change and Amazon gift cards
If you happen to have a Coinstar kiosk in your locality, then use it to your benefit. How you ask. Well, gather all your loose change and bring it to the kiosk. You will be surprised to know that the kiosk offers you Amazon gift cards in exchange for all your loose change. Use your Amazon gift cards to avail a discount on your purchases.

Saving money on Amazon means more 'savings' or just more money to shop...on Amazon! Happy Shopping!

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