How to Make the Most of Travelling with Kids

Whether you have little experience exploring the world or are travelling fanatics, the thought of travelling with kids can set your teeth on edge and if you have no experience with this notion then why wouldn’t it?

That's where you are mistaken. Believe us when we say that traveling with kids does not need to bring about any unnecessary hassle or added stress. With precision planning, travelling as a family really can be an incredible experience, allowing you to create memories that last a lifetime. 'How so?' I hear you ask. Follow our easy steps…

travel with kids

  1. Keep the Pace Slow

Refrain from packing your days full to the brim. The less you feel you have to see, the less you will wind yourself us with stress about time constraints. What's more, do not be afraid to give up one of the sites that you wanted to see in place of a snack break or nap time. Remember: overtired kids become cranky easily.

  1. Accommodation

Stay in a child friendly location with plenty of attractions, kid friendly dining, parks or beaches nearby. It is also worth checking if your hotel has a pool or a games room which can be real winners. This will help you organize your time better whilst also juggling site seeing and nap time. Some hotels even offer a kid's club or baby-sitting services which could allow you to see something located close by that would be of no interest to younger children.

If all this seems too overwhelming then renting an apartment is also a great option as a lot of in-city hotels are not built to accommodate large families. Aside from that, apartments will have refrigerators, microwaves, floor space and privacy which can make your trip much more stress free!

  1. Food

If you are staying in a hotel, try and get a copy of the menu beforehand. Does the hotel offer room service? Is there a kid's menu? What's more, eating in restaurants does not need to be a 'no-go' activity either. Eating out for brunch or lunch can be much easier for families than dinner. First of all, brunch will keep you all fuller for longer and lunch options tend to be cheaper, and more child-friendly too than more fancy dinner menus. What's more, kids get tired and cranky as the days go on making eating in a restaurant in the evening less comfortable.

  1. Home Comforts

It is all well and good diving into the local culture but there really is nothing wrong with bringing along your kids' favorite home comforts. Be it their favorite coloring books, CDs or even snacks from home, this can help them relax into their new routine much quicker. What's more, Strollers can double up as extra storage, a makeshift bed for naps in restaurants and a place for kids to rest even if they can walk.

As well as being challenging, travelling with kids can be exciting, bonding, eye-opening and emotional, especially when watching your children interact with other cultures and become educated and informed on how other people live their lives. As well as our top tips listed above, you should always expect the unexpected. It is important to keep a good balance between planning and knowing that not everything will always go your way. Just take deep breaths, go with the flow and you will even surprise yourself with how things work out in the end!

Now, all you need to do is book your flight and pack your bags!