Top Job Search Engines of 2018

By Eric. C. — Published March 28, 2018

Top Job Search Engines of 2018

Whether you are a fresher in the market, have a few years of experience behind you or are planning a big career change later in life, a job search engine could help you. It could be confusing, however, not knowing which site to upload your details to and whether you should sign up with one or ten. We’ve chosen ten job search engines which we think will serve you the best in 2018. Our list with a bit of information about each site could be a useful tool for you in your job hunt.

Ten job search engines you should consider:

1. Career Builder: Career Builder is great because it has been around for a long time and is one of the largest job search engines available today. When you sign up with them, you get access to as many as three million job postings. Upload your profile and resume to let companies find you.
2. LinkedIn: LinkedIn not only lets you look for jobs but also lets you network with people who you know or would like to know professionally. Their LinkedIn Salary feature gives you the chance to calculate how much you can earn from a job.

3. Monster: Monster has over five million job postings which you can browse. The site also has a feature where the companies can be reviewed and you can get career advice. Through your profile on the site, companies can get in touch with you if they have openings.

4. Google for Jobs: One of the newest job search engines, Google for Jobs was only launched in June 2017. Google for Jobs has the jobs near you feature and pulls up job listings from other websites like Monster and LinkedIn.

5. Indeed: With millions of jobs aggregated from all over the Internet, Indeed also give you company profiles and reviews. You can upload your resume to the site and also get an idea of the salaries that are being offered.

6. Cool Works: Cool Works is unique in that it offers seasonal jobs. If you are looking for a job at a certain location, like a resort in summer, you can search Cool Works. The searches can be based on category, season, state, and even national park.

7. DHI Group Inc: There are seven job search sites under the DHI group Inc and each caters to a specific niche. Clearance Jobs is for jobs that would require you to have a security clearance, Rigzone for jobs on the rigs and other oil and gas-related jobs, and Dice for jobs in technology. The other sites include; Health eCareers for healthcare, BioSpace for biotechnology and so on. Hcareers is specifically for the hospitality industry and eFinancial Careers for careers in finances, banking, and so on.

8. Upwork: Upwork is a great job search engine for people looking for freelance work. Writers, designers, web developers, and marketing consultants can all sign up with Upwork to find freelance projects. You need to create a profile on the site and you will get the whole list of jobs that you can start working on immediately and how much they pay.

9. Snagajob: What is unique about Snagajob is that it lets you look for jobs that pay on an hourly basis. Both full-time and part-time positions are available and you can even look for a shift timing that suits you. You can enter your details to receive email alerts if something you are interested in comes up.

10. Idealist: If you are specifically looking for jobs in non-profit organizations, then Idealist is the site for you. You can look for a particular type of non-profit, offer volunteer services, and also find events that are being organized by a non-profit.

That is our list of the various types of job search sites that are on the Internet right now. We hope you find it useful and will find your dream job soon.

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