Top 6 Products for Dry Skin 2018

We're constantly bombarded with lifestyle and beauty articles about how to feel great in our own skin.  Of course, this has become a common metaphor for being comfortable with who you are but let's be honest, having nourished skin helps too.  For those of us with naturally dry skin this can be tough.  Dry skin is usually caused by age (at 40+ the body produces less moisture), genetics and climate.  Unfortunately, these factors are something we have little to no control over but what we can do, is repair the skin's natural barrier. The easiest and most effective way to do this?  Moisturizing lotion!   For years, beauty experts have been fighting to crush popular belief that moisturizing lotion is a superficial product helping your skin to appear silky smooth.  Lotion is in fact developed by skin specialists helping your skin to fight infection and inflammation from the inside out.  Here's our guide to helping you have healthier and softer skin.

Our Favorite for Super Dry Skin: Jergens Ultra Healing Extra Dry Skin Moisturizer

The myth that drier skin means a thicker lotion consistency can be frustrating for suffers of scaly and flakey skin who are sometimes left feeling greasy after application.  Jergens succeeds in creating a smooth and thick cream which spoils the consumer with a feeling of hydration that lasts all day.  We were also pleasantly surprised how the texture of our skin felt richer and really was visibly healthier.  Jergens pride themselves on creating a product for especially dry areas such as heels, elbows and knees and we were overjoyed to see how genuine these claims really are.  Unlike other products for dry skin in this lotion does have a strong smell however it is not overbearing.  At $6.98 for 32oz this cream is great value for money and grabs the gold medal for us. 


Our Favorite Moisturiser for all Occasions: Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Lotion

Aveeno Daily moisturizing lotion is a cream that ranks top for beauty reviewers time and time again.  Why?  Because it just works.  Fans of Aveeno's lotion enjoy the benefits of its colloidal oatmeal that restores your skins natural barrier.  This means that it doesn’t only protect but additionally smooths skin and in addition, it dries well with no greasy film.   At $15.51 for 12oz this cream is higher end in terms of budget but doesn’t break the bank.  The pump makes it easy to apply and the cream shifts from a solid to a smooth liquid almost instantaneously.  The reason why this product didn’t make the top of our list is simply because it's better for people with normal skin as opposed to dry skin.  That being said, it is fragrance free which is usually better for people with more irritable skin and has been proven to help with rashes and eczema.


Best for Combatting Skin Conditions: Cerave Moisturizing Cream Daily Face and Body Moisturizer for Dry Skin

At $12.49 for 16oz this is another product at the higher end of our price range however it's for both the face and body. Our reviewers noticed their skin to feel more radiant and were wowed at how invigorated their skin felt in relation to the product's light weight.  Cerave have managed to create a high-quality product free of fragrance and oil that still manages to provide long lasting hydration.  The quick-drying formula soaks into the skin quickly and helps to restore the skins natural barrier with three essential ceramides (agents that form a protective layer that plump the skin and help retain moisture), meaning that its recommended for eczema sufferers who have claimed that it’s a real lifesaver.  


Best for Winter Months: Eucerin Advanced Repair Dry Skin Lotion

At $8.99 for 16.9oz consumers get a nourishing cream specifically for sensitive skin making this product another one that doesn’t break the budget.  Eucerin Advanced Repair Dry Skin Lotion did however succeed in dividing our testers in terms of its quality.   Some claimed the product to be light weight and even a 'miracle product' however others found it took longer to sink in than other creams.  This may be due to the high amounts of urea which can leave a tacky and uncomfortable feeling on the skin.  The product contains AHAs too meaning that the richness increases skin sensitivity to the sun.  Therefore we would recommend users to apply at night, especially in the summer months.  On the whole, definitely a step up if you feel like the average drugstore lotion doesn't cut the mustard for you. 


Best Natural Lotion: Hempz Original Herbal Body Moisturizer

This is the only 100% vegan product we tested meaning that not only does it not contain animal products, it is also not tested on animals, winning extra brownie points from us.  At $8.81 for 17oz this product is middle of the range in terms of the price tag and unfortunately in terms of its effectivity.  Although the lotion wasn’t as long lasting as other products,  it does contain a number of nourishing ingredients.  The shea butter and ginseg sooth the skin and the hemp seed oil and fatty acids are natural healing products.   9 times out of 10 the testers loved the smell and everyone agreed that skin wasn’t left feeling greasy or sticky however you will need to reapply after the initial application for long-lasting results.   


Best Budget Product:  Nivea Essentially Enriched Body Lotion

Nivea is a go to brand for people looking to pick up a reasonable product for a good price.  We found this lotion to be the best in the market for a no-frills moisturizer and at $4.99 for 16.9oz including a pump we can't argue with the price.  Sadly, we found that with the lotions we tested, you do get what you pay for.  This cream isn’t the best product for sufferers of dry skin and some of our testers even claimed that their skin felt drier after use.  We found the texture to be too thick and difficult for the body to absorb and some of the testers claimed they were left with a greasy film all their body. Most of our testers appeared to have healthier 'looking' skin however the majority also claimed the smell to be overbearing and off-putting. 

Bottom Line
As we've already mentioned, dry skin isn’t something that can be cured but it can be prevented.  Our testing showed us that the drier the skin the more need for occlusive ingredients (ingredients that lock moisture and prevent water loss for those non-scientists amongst us.)  We tested our lotions based on value for money, ingredient quality, effectiveness, feel and more and learnt a lot on the way.  It's important to remember that lotion preference is personal and it's impossible to remain objective when dealing with factors such as smell.  Unfortunately, we found that you do in fact get what you pay for as we wouldn’t be rushing back to slather our skin in Nivea's Essentially Enriched Body Lotion.   Our top product on the other hand was Jergens Ultra Healing Extra Dry Skin Moisturizer.  This is because it ticks every box without breaking the bank.  Now you know what products are best in 2018 all you need to do is remember to feel good in your own skin!



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