Top 5 Video Editing Programs Online

By Eddie V. — Published February 25, 2018

Top 5 Video Editing Programs Online

Thanks to the proliferation of video sharing sites and the simplification of the video creation process, it is now possible for, pretty much, anybody to create a good video. Of course, your results do depend on several other tools and one of the most important is the video editor.

Back in the day, you had to actually download and install a video editor to carry out the task of editing. However, today it’s possible to simply upload your content and edit it using an online video editing program. There is no need for downloads and installations.

Speaking of online video editors, let’s look at the 5 best options in the market.

YouTube Video Editor
Oddly enough, the world’s most popular video-sharing site also offers one of the most popular online video editing programs – The YouTube Video editor. The program allows you to carry out a range of tasks. Apart from just letting you cut clips, it also allows you to join clips with images and add audio where necessary.

In other words, you have plenty of options for customization. Some of the other cool features include pan and zoom, text overlaying, contrast adjustment, and brightness adjustment etc.

If you’re looking for something that can be used to edit your explainer videos, PowToon is your best bet. The unique thing about PowToon is that it allows you to superimpose paper cut-out like images over a background. In other words, you can basically create something that looks almost identical to Common Craft.

PowToon also uses a drag and drop approach, which makes work very easy. The program also offers predefined objects and figures. All you have to do is arrange them on a chosen background.
The main drawback with the free edition is that you can only create 45-second videos. For longer formats, you will have to get the paid versions.

When it comes to best online editing programs, WeVideo is another example that really stands out. It’s most unique quality is that it’s a sharing-based tool. What that means is you can collaborate with several other people on an editing project.

Other than that, the program is directly connected to Google Drive, which means videos get saved automatically. In fact, you can save both, complete and incomplete projects. There is also an Android version for mobile devices that lets you capture videos.

ClipChamp is an easy to use online video editing program that’s perfect for simple editing tasks. It manages to strike a perfect balance between usability and performance. If you want more features, you can simply download the paid version for about $7 per month.

However, the free edition is good enough in most cases. You are permitted to edit about 5 videos every month and you can do it for resolutions of up to 1080p, which should be more than enough.
Typical functions offered include cropping, trimming, rotating, flipping, and contrast/brightness adjustment.

Online Video Cutter
If you want something simpler than ClipChamp, try Online Video Cutter. The best part is that you can even get it as an extension for Chrome. Now, don’t get fooled by the name; the program can do much more than just “cut” videos.

You can upload videos as large as 500MB and even work on clips that are stored on Google Drive. The program lets you trim bad or unwanted footage, crop, and even rotate the video. The final edit can be exported into a host of video formats. You can also adjust the resolution for optimal file sizes.


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