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One of the best ways to truly enjoy the outdoors and disconnect is to go camping. You get the chance to escape the stress of city life while reconnecting with family or friends. Enjoy scenic hiking during the day and stargazing near the warmth of a campfire at night.  Generally, camping can be a less expensive getaway than planning the traditional vacation with hotels and meals out. While there is a lot of camping gear that you can purchase such as solar heated portable showers, camping grills, specialized coffee makers, and more, one thing that you definitely will need is a sleeping bag.

When choosing a sleeping bag, obviously you want something that is comfortable enough for you to get a good night's sleep in. One that keeps you adequately warm in cooler months or cool in the summer is going to contribute to how well you're able to sleep while camping. Most likely, you're also going to want a sleeping bag that can fold up compactly so as not to take up valuable packing space, whether car camping or backpack camping. We personally like the mummy-style bags best, which provide a hood as part of the bag design. Some couples may like a double sleeping bag, which give you the added benefit of conserving and utilizing each other's body heat. Each sleeping bag will come with a temperature rating. The material of the bag can also affect your comfort level. It may come with down or synthetic insulation, or even a combination of the two. Some people are allergic to down or against using down for ethical reasons, so prefer synthetic. Synthetic also dries quickly if it gets wet. Down really can't be beat though when trying to stay warm in colder weather conditions. Depending on how often you go camping, you may or may not want to make a big investment with a sleeping bag so take that into consideration when deciding on your budget.  Without further ado, here are our top sleeping bag recommendations.

Best Adult Sleeping Bag: Sierra Design Mobile Mummy

The Sierra Design Mobile Money is available in both men's and women's styles to account for different sizes. The women's version is good for up to heights of 5'8". For the men's, you can choose men's regular (good for up to 6' height) or men's long (good for heights of up to 6'6"). These sleeping bags are really uniquely designed. First of all, there are no toggle strings or Velcro around the hood, so you don't have that added annoyance – instead, the hood is just built to fit. If you roll over in your sleep, the hood moves with you. Next, there is a zipperless arm so you can pop your arms out as needed if you want to grab something, but stay warm. The zipper is in the middle of the like a jacket, and you can even unzip just the bottom half to cool off your legs or even get up and walk around. 


Runner-Up Adult Sleeping Bag: Kelty Cosmic

The Kelty Cosmic is a mummy-style sleeping bag available on temperature ratings of 0, 20, and 40. You can choose short, regular, or long to get a good fit for yourself. The short size is good for up to 5'6" height, the regular size fits people up to 6', and the long size fits heights up to 6'6".  A stuff sack is included though it can still be a bit bulky when packed. It is budget-friendly when compared to some other sleeping bags, and kept testers warm. The bag and hood didn't move with the sleeper as well as the Sierra Design, however this is a good pick for those on a budget or new to camping. 


Best for Kids: Kelty Big Dipper Kids Sleeping Bag

For kids, we like the mummy-style Kelty Big Dipper (or Kelty Woobie for tiny tots). The Big Dipper is available in both boy's and girl's styles, with a 30-degree temperature rating.  The Dipper fits kids up to 5 feet tall, whereas the Wobbie fits kids up to 4 feet tall. The shell and liner are both made out of 66 denier polyester taffeta. The antisnag zipper is great for kids' hands.  Kids found this sleeping bag soft and comfortable. Kelty sleeping bags have a lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects in materials and workmanship.


Favorite Budget Sleeping Bag: Coleman Oak Point Cool Weather Sleeping Bag

The Coleman Oak Point Cool Weather Sleeping Bag is a budget-friendly pick that is good for car camping. This sleeping bag measures 39 inches by 81 inches, and fits most people up to 6'4". It is appropriate for temperatures from 30 to 50 degrees.  The Fiberlock Construction prevents insulation from shifting and the Thermalock System is designed to reduce heat loss through zippers. It is machine washable, perfect for cleaning after you return home from your camping trip (though it may not fit well in small washing machines). It may not be durable enough over the long-term if you are camping in rough conditions, but for car camping it does a good job.


Best Double Sleeping Bag: Big Agnes Big Creek 30 Double Sleeping Bag

If you're looking for a double sleeping bag, we recommend that you consider the Big Agnes Dream Island. This sleeping bag fits people up to 6 feet tall. The foot girth is 84 inches, hip girl is 105 inches, and shoulder girl is also 105 inches. It can work with a double wide pad or two single pads (sold separately) places next to each other, and can join the bag and pad together so no worries about rolling off the pad in the night. The shell is made of nylon rip-stock fabric with a water repellant finish to keep you dry. The lining is made out of nylon taffeta. Insulation is synthetic. There are interior fabric loops in case you want to add a sleeping bag liner. 



Bottom Line

Overall, our favorite sleeping bag by far is the Sierra Mobile Mummy. Not only was it comfortable, but we love the unique wearable design with arm holes and the ability to unzip the bottom. We also were glad to find a bag that turned with testers while they slept. The Kelty Cosmic is a good budget-friendly mummy-style bag for campers who don't want to invest money in the Sierra Mobile Mummy. For kids, we recommend the Kelty Big Dipper. We love that it can expand up to 12 inches to work with growing kids' needs. The Coleman Oak is a simple, classic style sleeping bag that is extremely budget-friendly and could work well for car campers who don’t camp frequently. Finally, for couples who want a double sleeping bag, we recommend considering the Big Agnes Big Creek, which we particularly loved due to the double zippers. Couples felt comfortable in this bag and didn't disturb each other. Remember to factor in what temperature bag you need, and if you have allergies to down filling.

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