Top 10 Reasons to Quit Your Job

By Steven U. — Published February 12, 2018

Top 10 Reasons to Quit Your Job

For most of you, quitting your current job is dreadful because it helps you pay your bills. In reality, however, nobody sticks to a job all their life. No matter how much you try to avoid, there may come circumstances that compel you to quit. In fact, it's actually good to quit your job beyond a point, even if you are at the most crucial stage of your career. Here are a few of reasons why you should quit your job:

Your company is sinking
If your current company is losing money, customers, and reputation, and you hear rumors of bankruptcy and closure, perhaps senior management has something else in mind. Working in such a company would be like waiting for the sword to drop anytime. Anxiety may creep in. But you need to relax and think of your options.

You are underpaid
Money is what you expect from your job, and under-compensation can be a serious demotivating factor. If you feel you are not being paid well, perhaps you should either talk to your boss about a raise or decide to move out. The latter is always a good option if the former option looks uncertain.

Damaged relationship with your boss
If your relationship with your manager is broken beyond repair, to a point where you keep asking yourselves “Should I quit my job” on a daily basis, it would be good decision to move out (but without any grudges). Boss-employee relationships can become sour due to various reasons. But if it's beyond reconciliation, there's actually no point being a part of it for long.

Damaged relationship with your co-workers
Besides your boss, unfriendly relations with coworkers can demotivate you to work. Frequent arguments, differences in opinions, gossips, false rumors, and excessive competitiveness can sour relations between you and your colleagues. If this happens, don't waste time resolving issues and move out in a dignified way.

You are bored
It's obvious you will get bored talking to the same clients and following the same processes sitting at a desk day in and day out. You won't be able to be productive or efficient unless you love what you are doing. If you feel there's no fun or enjoyment at work, and every day is the same, perhaps it's time to change your current job.

You are getting burnt out
Stress can cause you to burn out where your productivity and efficiency go spiraling down. Stress can severely hamper your physical and mental well-being and can debilitate you completely. If you are experiencing high levels of stress at your job, it's simply not a good idea to stick to it for long.

Your career is becoming stagnant
Since we all strive to become better at what we are doing, we look for growth opportunities. But a company that offers no such opportunities, is not worth working for. It could also be that you are wanting to explore other career opportunities and try working in a different industry. If you feel this way, you have the green signal out.

Your ideas are not welcome
It's sometimes difficult to push your ideas and opinions up the corporate ladder in your company. But if the pattern continues, you may land up losing your self-confidence. It's a clear indication that your senior management is either biased towards your ideas or generally impermeable to new ideas. Either way, it's not good to be stuck there.

There's not much learning
Excelling in your career is about learning different things from different people. Your own company is the first place to look for such people. But if you don't have anybody to look up to as a mentor or an inspiration in your current organization, don't stay there for long.

Your life has changed
Perhaps you got married or had a baby or experienced a life-changing event that leaves no option but to quit your job. Don't worry, you can quit in such situations. After all, you also have personal roles to play in life.

You should analyze different reasons why you are quitting your job and take a step. It could be difficult, but you will have to do it someday. Be polite and humble when you quit!

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