Top 10 Places to Get Free Music Downloads

By Eddie V. — Published February 06, 2018

Top 10 Places to Get Free Music Downloads

Places to Get Free Music Downloads

Music…the universal language, the food of love. Who doesn’t like listening to music?

Today, the digital music industry churns out a staggering revenue of USD 7.8 billion, making it one of the largest and most lucrative industries in the world. Millions of people surf Internet sites in search of old classics and new releases. But the problem that’s been plaguing many music lovers across the world is a lack of websites available with high-quality, free material.

To help solve your problem, we’ve done some research and found the 11 best music sites that’ll help you get your music fix for the day:

 Free Music Archive
Directed by the WFMU radio station, Free Music Archive is a haven for music lovers. You can download tracks for free and create your own playlists. The site has its own music blog, collections, and popular lists, all of which are available for download. You can also take a look at their daily, monthly, and all-time top charts.

 SoundClick
Is there a particular artist you really like? Chances are you’ll find him/her on SoundClick. This website has a mix of free and paid tracks available for download. The best part is the artists themselves publish the tracks directly on the website. They also post entertaining tidbits and posts about themselves.
Now you can listen to some soulful tunes, create collections, and read about your favorite artists all at the same time.

 Jamendo
The music on Jamendo is categorized based on tags like – most popular, most downloaded, most played, recent releases, and editor’s picks. Artists post their music directly on the website, allowing you to both live-stream the songs and download them. You have the freedom to download either single tracks or the entire album.

 PureVolume
The songs available on PureVolume are posted by artists themselves, with some allowing free download, while others are paid. You can view playlists based on top featured, most downloaded, artists, and most popular. The website allows users to download songs in MP3 format.

 ARTISTdirect
An entertainment media company, most of the songs on ARTISTdirect is paid, although you do have a page with the listing for free downloads. The website offers a generous selection of songs belonging to various genres, including indie pop, Latin, and R&B.

 NoiseTrade
NoiseTrade is one of the biggest repositories of free, legally-downloadable music. The site not only allows you to take the music you want but it also allows you to share the files with friends. Users can earn rewards by actively promoting upcoming artists by sharing their audiobooks and zip files.

 SoundCloud
Most professional artists and independent performers upload their work on SoundCloud, making it a veritable source for top-quality material. Some files are available for free download, while others require you to like the artists’ Facebook page to access the files.

 Amazon
Amazon music has thousands of tracks available for download. All tracks are arranged in alphabetical order, based on artist name, album name, and song title, making search super convenient. During download, you’ll be taken to the payment gateway to finish the transaction. But don’t worry, downloads are completely free.

 CCTrax
When it comes to downloading niche genres like ambient, techno, and electronica, CCTrax is the site to visit. Songs are free and entire albums can be downloaded without creating an account. Most files are in the MP3 format, although some are convertible to the FLAC format.

 Internet Archive's Audio Library
Music albums are just the tip of the iceberg at Internet Archive's Audio Library. The website also offers users access to podcasts, audio files, and radio programs, all of which can either be live streamed or downloaded. Most genres and artists are available here. You can get the files in both MP3 and OGG formats.

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