Top 10 Car Insurance Agencies in the United States

By Eddie V. — Published March 19, 2018

Top 10 Car Insurance Agencies in the United States

The top ten car insurance companies account for two thirds or more of the auto insurance market share in the U.S. Although ratings change every year based on customer satisfaction, claim history, and pricing, the following car insurance companies have earned better ratings than other companies.

1. Progressive Insurance
Being the fourth largest auto insurance company in the U.S., Progressive is well known and has a huge customer base.

The “Name your Price” offer and discount offers for multiple cars, multiple policies, and paying in full are some of the attractive features. Their Snapshot program is designed to reward safe driving.

2. Geico
Cheapest pricing, customer satisfaction ratings, and easy account management are some of the highlights of Geico. Based on NerdWallet’s ratings, Geico gets the top position for being the best in terms of pricing.

Geico offers mechanical breakdown coverage, emergency roadside assistance, ridesharing insurance, and Auto Repair Xpress as additional options on coverage.

3. Allstate Insurance
Ranked seventh by NerdWallet, Allstate scores an A+ on financial strength and is rated to have “superior” claim paying ability according to A.M. Best.

• Rideshare insurance: Allstate offers rideshare in 42 states for Lyft and Uber drivers, but the coverage is applicable when there are passengers and not in-between rides.
• Drivewise: Insurers get a discount of 3% when they use the Drivewise app that analyzes braking behavior and speed.

4. State Farm
The biggest auto insurance company in the U.S., State Farm is ranked 24th by NerdWallet. State Farm was rated “about average” in terms of purchase experience as well as customer satisfaction in the 2017 J.D. Power Study.

A wide network of 18000 agents spread across the country who are able to offer in-person support and brick and mortar shops are some advantages with State Farm.

5. Liberty Mutual Insurance
Liberty Mutual Insurance is the seventh biggest auto insurer in the U.S. NerdWallet gave a ranking of 14 based on customer satisfaction and service. Liberty offers the following:

• Accident forgiveness: The rates for premiums do not go up in case of an accident for the first time.
• Car replacement: For a totaled car, a better model of car that has covered 15,000 lesser miles is offered.

6. Auto-Owners Insurance
The auto insurance company has been functioning since 1916 and earned the top ranking in 2015 study by J.D. Power. It scored a perfect 5/5 in all categories except rental car service option.

Some options offered by Auto Insurance include:

• Increased Transportation Cost coverage to cover the cost of reaching the destination when car breaks down
• Supplementary Payments coverage

7. Amica
NerdWallet rated Amica as the best with five stars in 2017, while J.D. Power study in 2015 gave the second ranking in terms of customer satisfaction.

• High ratings on financial strength: Amica received a “Superior” rating on financial strength by A.M. Best
• No restrictions on repair facility: A unique feature is that Amica does not impose restrictions on where repairs are carried out.

8. Country Financial Insurance
NerdWallet rated Country Financial as second in 2017 rankings because complaints were lesser than the industry median.

Apart from varying offers on discounts, the company offers the following:

• Emergency road service which includes reimbursement for labor costs, towing, and fuel when stranded
• Vehicle rental: If own car is unavailable due to damage, $800 is covered for a rental

9. Erie Insurance
Erie earned the third spot in NerdWallet’s 2017 ranking of auto insurance companies. Some good offerings from Erie include:

• Accident forgiveness on the first accident after three years of being continuously insured with Erie.
• Pet injury coverage of $500 if pets are injured in the vehicle accident.

10. The Hartford Insurance
Hartford is the eleventh largest auto insurance company in the U.S.

• Mechanical breakdown coverage: This is a unique offer from Hartford that covers repairs that fall outside of the car warranty.
• Great purchase experience: The Hartford received top ratings on “Overall Purchase Experience” on the J.D. Power Study.

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