Toyko Commits to Using 100% Renewable Energy at the 2020 Olympic Games

By John Fairs — Published June 26, 2018

Toyko Commits to Using 100% Renewable Energy at the 2020 Olympic Games

It is almost 2020 which means that the Tokyo Olympics are just two years away. In past years, the Olympic Games has been criticized for producing large volumes of waste however now, with preparations in full swing, organizers have announced that it wants the games to run solely on renewable energy in order to promote decarbonization.

This means that both the Olympic and Paralympic games will be built with electricity from renewable power sources such as wind and solar. However, the notion to promote decarbonization does not stop there. Not only will the building process be powered by renewable energy but the athlete's village, international broadcasting center and the main press center will all run on renewable energy too.

What's more, organizers have also committed to 99% of the good from the games being recycled too. In order to prepare for this groundbreaking idea, organizers are planning to purchase renewable energy from various power companies throughout the country. Items that are used throughout the event will be rented and leased in order to help with reach the goal of promoting decarbonization. What's more, if items need to be bought, organizers will guarantee that there will be used for them once the games are over.

There are even talks about making the medals from precious metals from recycled mobile phones however this is not a simple task. The organizers of the Olympic Games have partnered with NTT Docomo and the Japan Environmental Sanitation Center in order to collect a whopping 8 tons of metal from unused mobile phones. This equates to millions of mobile phones which will need to be collected in order to create the 5,000 medals needed in two years' time.

Organizers are also busy installing solar panels where possible. Aside from that, they are also looking into building a number of solar roads to help generate the electricity needed to power the 2020 games. The solar roads will have special solar panels built into them with a special resin to increase durability. This technology is similar to that used on some special roads in France as well as cycle oaths in the Netherlands.

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