Tiny Robot May Someday Save Lives

Technological advancements have led to some amazing breakthroughs is science, and one of the latest life saving gizmos is the Millirobot - a tiny robot that can travel through the human body, and fix it from the inside. Amazing!

The technological advancements in the fields of science, medicine and engineering have made it possible to create machines that can save lives. One of the biggest breakthroughs in recent years is the invention of the "Millirobot" – a tiny device that can go into the human body and fix it from the inside. The amazing tiny robot, that measures less that a 1/4-inch-long, is highly flexible, smart, and some day ut will be able to transport drugs into the human body, open up clogged arteries and even patch up wounds. This fascinating video on the Millirobot is a must see, and it will give you a look into the amazing world of medical engineering.