This Kid Yodeling at Walmart Went Viral and You Have to Hear why

Walmart has had it fair share of quirky and unexpected moments, but this one take the cake. The young Mason Ramsey started yodeling in the middle of the store and surprised everyone with his amazing talent in the video that went viral.

Walmart is known not only for its great prices, but also for some weird stuff that goes on there from time to time. The mega-chain of stores has had its fair share of quirky moments, and it was about time for one that doesn't involve people in Trump tank tops and mullets. This time around Walmart goers had a pleasant surprise in one of the chain's stores in the form of a sweet boy yodeling his heart out. Mason Ramsey took the stage, in between isles, and started singing like a yodeling pro about his tiny broken heat. His audience fell in love with the bright-haired boy, and his video went viral over the past few days with millions of viewers who watched Mason in action.

Source: Sonell Official on YouTube