This is the Surprising Role Play Most Millennials are Into

Human sexuality is a spectrum, and most people have various sexual fantasies they share with their partners and act out in role plays. A study on the matter found that millennials have a surprising choice for role playing that you definitely can't guess...

Forget about leather masks and pretending your partner is Brad Pitt…It turns out that these days nothing gets millennials hot and bothered more than the fantasy that they…own a house! That's right. Apparently low mortgage rates are what gets millennials going in the bedroom, and it's no surprise.

A woman and a man lying with their lips near each other's neck
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Sexual fantasies are usually built on something that is out of our reach, and nowadays that something is home ownership. According to a study conducted in the Simon Fraser university on generational sexuality, millennials are getting sexually aroused by the idea of having a house to call their own.

The second place on the list of millennial fantasies is BDSM role plays (guessing 50 Shades of Grey had something to do with that one) where they tie each other up and use blindfolds for sexual power plays.

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Well, there you have it…if you are in your late twenties-early thirties, you're most likely fantasizing about owning a house with your partner, and science is here to back you up. The sexual study gives a whole other meaning to the term Playing House, and hopefully those who role play and get down and dirty talking about low interest rates will have their fantasies come true and get to live in their very own house, sooner rather than later.