The Most Popular Interview Questions You Have to Know

By Rachel M — Published February 04, 2018

The Most Popular Interview Questions You Have to Know

Interview Questions

Do you wish to know how to succeed in an interview? Take a look at these interview questions below and learn the secret to a successful interview.  

Are you willing to relocate for the job? / How much travel will your ideal job have?
These are two questions that are very popular in interviews. Be honest with your answer as you will be questioned at a later date for refusing to relocate or travel for the job.

Do your colleagues consider you a nice, approachable person?
Remember not to paint yourself like an angel if this question is asked to you. It’s best to reply that ‘perceptions are subjective’; but that the ‘general consensus’ is that you are a nice and approachable person.

What do you define as a ‘success’?
When employers ask this question, they are looking for your personal definition of success. Say what you truly believe and do not state textbook answers.

What according to you is a ‘failure’ in your professional life?
Again, employers wish to evaluate your mindset and perceptions through this question. Be genuine and state a professional failure that deeply affected you and how you overcame the situation.

Do you prefer working individually or in teams?
Employers try to gauge your compatibility with teams and your willingness to work with people with this question. It’s always better to say that you ‘are open to both, since the job requirements change, necessitating both team and individual contribution'.

Why do you consider yourself the right candidate for the job?
Try not to be too cocky and boastful when answering this question. Give genuine reasons as to why you feel you are the best choice for the position. Connect your skill sets and experience to the job requirements.

What would you do if a colleague disagrees with you at work?

This is a very tricky question and employers try to understand how you handle workplace politics. Be polite and stress on your willingness to bridge any gaps that exist between team members. Never say things that may show you in a negative light.

Give me an example of a ‘high-pressure situation’ at work
You can use any example from your work history (if experienced) or from your college days during projects and seminars (if fresher). Give a step-by-step analysis of how you encountered the challenge, what you did to rectify it and how you coped with the stress.

Do you make mistakes at work?
This is again a tricky question. Do not lie and claim that you’ve never made a mistake at work. Be honest about your work history, but also state that you use these mistakes as learning experiences and that you are working on improving your skills.

sell me product in 5 minutes
This question is usually asked during interviews for sales positions. You will be given a pen, a bottle or any other product and asked to convince the interviewer to purchase the product from you. You’ll need to do some research beforehand to find tactics to tackle this question.
Give me an example of a goal you had set and how you achieved it
You can mention either a professional or personal goal and explain in-depth how you achieved it. It is always better to choose professional or academic goals, as they make you look more disciplined and driven.

Have you ever taken a decision that was highly unpopular? How did you handle it? 
Be honest when answering this question. If you had taken such a decision that was hated by others, explain your reasons for doing so and state the actions that you took to ease the others into being comfortable with the decision.

How do you motivate your team members and peers? 
This is a favorite question with interviewers. It’s best to always state the tactics that best work on you. Again, you’ll need to brush up on your knowledge about common motivational techniques used by managers, to add more value to your answer.

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