The Deadpool 2 Trailer is Out and it is Deliciously Awesome

Deadpool won itself a huge crowd of fans thanks to its off-beat humor and great cast. Now the long awaited sequel in due to hit theaters this May, and it's time to watch the great Deadpool 2 trailer that will leave you wanting more.

The long awaited Deadpool sequel is set to hit theatres on May 18., and till that great moment comes, you are welcome to watch its official trailer. Without too many spoilers, this time the legendary Wade Wilson (Ryan Reynolds) rounds up a group of misfits, caliing them the X-Team, to fight Cable (Josh Brolin) with some great moments along the way. The movie, which got high scores in audience tests, is chock-full X-Men references, Deadpool's twisted sense of humor and guns blazing all around, guaranteed to fill our super-hero needs for the summer.

Source: 20th Century Fox