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The Best French Press Coffee Makers

French Presses Reviewed:
Coffee can be brewed in a number of ways including cold brew, classic espresso and more. Despite coffee machine manufacturers making huge advancements in the type of machinery available, many still swear by the gorgeous rich flavors that the French Press provides. French Press coffee is brewed by adding boiling water to ground coffee.  You wait 3-4 minutes to allow it to blend, push the plunger down and pour into your favorite mug.  What's more, it’s super easy to use as there are only three elements that make it up: the carafe, the plunger and the lid.  We tested both glass and stainless-steel carafes however you can also buy French presses with plastic ones too.  The plunger is comprised of a handle, a filter and the plunger itself.  Although the filter is important as it stops those pesky grounds from entering your cup of coffee, we recommend ensuring the handle is comfortable for pouring too. We have tested, reviewed and rated some of the best French Presses on the market because after all, life is too short for bad coffee! 
Our Favorite French Press: Sterlingpro French Coffee Press

The combination of the glass and metal with the SterlingPro French Press means that it's more durable than if it was a combination of glass and plastic.  Moreover, Sterlingpro also use a double layered filter which noticably keeps the grounds away from your beverage when you pour.  From our experience there are always a few grounds that escape into the cup but with the Sterlingpro there were less grounds every single time. Reviewers loved that two replacement screens were included with each purchase and also commented on how the glass carafe easily slides out of the wire cage when you need to clean it.  Our reviewers are normally mixed about a glass carafe as they are usually prone to smashing but the Sterlingpro is made from brosilicate glass so its stronger than regular glass meaning it's perfect for the dishwasher too. It produced great high-quality flavor however most reviewers commented it didn't look stylish and wasn’t something they would want on display.  Having said that, we're not here to review ornaments and style shouldn’t be prioritized by flavor and at around $25 the price refects a great 'what you see is what you get product' that produces great results. 



The Best High End French Press: Frieling Double Wall Stainless Steel French Press Coffee Maker

At just under $100 we were expecting big things from the Frieling Double Wall Stainless Steel French Press Coffee Maker and we weren't disappointed.  Compared to other French presses on the market its pricey however what makes it stand out from other french presses on the market is that its high quality components are made predominantly from stainless steel (the plunger is made of stainless steel too!).  This means that it can be heated 4 times more than its glass competitors and keeps your coffee hotter for longer.  Testers loved the double wall design as the heat stays away from your hands making it comfortable to use.  It looks luxurious, there's less risk of smashing like there is with glass french presses and it comes apart easily when you're ready to wash it.  Like other French presses on the market, the Frieling works with two filters, a larger metal one and a fine mesh one which minimizes coffee grounds escaping into your coffee cup.  The dimensions are 10.1 x 6.2 x4.5 inches so although it’s slightly larger to store away in a small space, having it on display isn’t a problem as it compliments any kitchen décor and you can show it off to your hearts content.   The coffee isn’t necessarily tastier than the coffee produced by other french presses but the whole experience is more luxurious plus it comes with a 5 year warranty against product defects!


Best Budget French Press: Bodum Brazil French Press

The Bodum Brazil French Press Coffee maker is the simplest french press that we tested.  Testers found it to be durable and priced at under $25 its perfect for those looking for a no-frills coffee experience.  This product sizes up at 5.1 x 4.2 x9.4 inches meaning it’s the perfect size to store away into almost any storage space.  It's made up of a 3-part mesh filter which helps you to brew rich and flavorsome coffee. The fact that there are 2 layers of mesh means that in theory, the grounds that make their way past the first filter are caught by the second one, however we still found more stray grounds from the Bodum than coffee from its competitors.  What's more, this basic French press is suitable for dishwashing and available in either green, black or red so you can choose the perfect color to match your kitchen.  The housing is plastic and we doubted how sleek this would look however it doesn’t feel cheap at all and it even offers great heat resistance.  Unfortunately, a few of our reviewers commented that the handle was awkward to maneuver however for the price, we would definitely recommend the Bodium Brazil French Press to coffee lovers on a budget.


Bottom Line:

On the whole, french presses are affordable, simple to use and produce great tasting coffee.  When choosing which french press to purchase it's important to think about what you are prioritizing.  Glass carafes are nice because you can witness the entire brewing process.  On the other hand, they are fragile and can shatter easily whilst cleaning.  This would mean buying a replacement carafe and although they are readily available, it's inconvenient.  We love the look of stainless steel french presses but it doesn't feel right to recommend a product on looks alone.  Despite whether you decide to go for glass or stainless steel, it's important to insure your filter is sturdy and you invest in something that allows extra mesh screens to enhance the filtering process.  Our overall favorite was the Sterlingpro French Coffee Press.  It is super affordable, comes with two replacement screens and produces excellent quality coffee.  If money isn’t an option then go for the Frieling Double Wall Stainless Steel French press.  It looks amazing and works like a dream!

If you are a coffee fanatic and don’t want to invest in a french press don’t forget to check out our other coffee reviews here and here

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