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It's sad to think that sleep really has become at the bottom of our list of priorities with work, family time, going out with girlfriends and daily chores always coming first.  Unfortunately, we're talking from experience when we say how lack of sleep has a drastic effect on the way we look, especially around the delicate eye area.  Investing in a good eye cream helps to make you appear more refreshed, looking ready to tackle whatever life throws at you.  Eye creams have the power to reduce dark circles, puffiness as well as the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and if you invest in the right one, they may successfully target more than one of these bothersome features.  We took the time to review the best eye creams on the market that claim to have the perfect formula to restore the delicate skin around your eyes.  Read on to discover the products that we felt keep your eyes refreshed and your skin looking younger. 

Our Favorite Eye Cream: Zelens Triple-Action Advanced Eye Cream

This luxury product gave us excellent results in terms of repairing both fine lines and dark circles.  It uses a combination of high-tech ingredients and botanical extracts that sooth the skin to work its magic. Those with a particularly fair complexion claimed that dark circles did seem dramatically reduced however those with a darker complexion has a harder time seeing results. Unfortunately, testers with very dry skin found that it wasn't moisturizing enough for them.  In addition, testers also felt that the fact that it comes in a jar makes it more prone to wastage.  The fact that the jar is opened twice a day means that it's exposed to oxygen more often which can harm the ingredients and dry the products out too.   However, they still found with this product that a little goes a long way and a pea sized dot is enough for one application.  Although we generally prefer unscented products, the scent of the Zelens Triple-Action Advanced Eye Cream was described as subtle and earthy.  There are no hints of a chemical smell and the natural scent didn’t bother our reviewers at all.  If you have enough money in the bank, we would definitely recommend this product for your tired eyes.



Best For Fine Lines: Onsen Smoothing Eye Serum 

Onsen Secret's Smoothing Eye Serum helps to relax the subcutaneous muscles around the eyes that could result in the formation of fine lines. Apply gently with your ring finger after washing your face in the morning and evening. Onsen Secret boasts immediate results with their Smoothing Eye Serum. Concentrate on the skin under the eyes and up to the brow bone.  Testers with all skin types were blown away with the dramatic results that they saw after a short amount of time.  What's more, this product does not contain fragrance, glycols, parabens, or coloring agents meaning that it's great even for those with sensitive skin. It is made in the USA and not tested on animals either which is why it got extra brownie points from our reviewers.  Testers also loved that they saw results both under and above the eyes without being too greasy or tacky.  Onsen are a high-quality brand who use hot spring minerals from Japan to create unique beauty rituals.  If you want more from Onsen then read out review on their full skincare routine here!



Best For Dry Eyes: Aveda Botanical Kinetics Energizing Eye Cream

The list of ingredients in the Aveda Botanical Kinetcs Energizing Eye Cream includes a variety of plant-based products such as soothing licorice root and coffee bean extract keeping you looking fresh round the clock.  We also loved that it is fragrance free so it doesn’t act as a further irritant and really does work away at smoothing and plumping the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.  It is also formulated with 98% naturally-derived ingredients and is not tested on animals which gives the product extra brownie points from us!  This cream works better to improve temporary puffiness however it doesn't have the ability to work on dark circles under your eyes as much as testers would have liked.  On the whole, we found it to be better for those with younger skin who have less dark circles that they want to work on as those with aging skin were less impressed with the results.  In addition, those with acne-prone skin didn’t enjoy using the Aveda cream, probably down to the silicones which tend to clog pores and cause breakouts.  Nevertheless, all testers loved the packaging and felt that the fact that it comes in a tube was better than if it came in a jar as it is less exposed to sunlight and oxygen. 



Best for Normal Skin: Kate Somerville Line Release Under Eye Repair Cream

Our reviewers were the most divided with this eye cream out of all the creams that we tested.  Due to the higher end price of around $115 we expected big things.  Some of our testers reported noticeable results within 1-4 weeks however others commented that they had seen better results with creams that are sold at half the price.  Testers claimed that there is weight in this cream and you do notice it after it's been applied however it isn't unpleasantly greasy.  They also loved the fact that it comes with a pump which gives you the precise amount of cream you need meaning that there's no wastage.  Those with normal skin had the best results as those with oily skin claimed that it was slightly too moisturizing and some testers with dry skin felt that their eyes were slightly dry and tight after use.  There is a great 30-day return period however upon returning you must ensure that the product is wrapped in a way that means it won't get damaged.  The Kate Somerville Line Release Under Eye Repair Cream won’t be for everyone however if it's in your budget and you aren't looking for a niche skin care solution then this could be for you!



Bottom Line:

As you can see, investing in the correct eye cream to suit your needs could be the best beauty decision you ever make but what should you know before investing in this beauty craze?  First of all, these creams are not miracle workers.  Dark circles are caused by natural factors such as genetic and poor lifestyle choices such as a lack of sleep and unhealthy habits.  Your eye cream will aid you in achieving a youthful look but won’t totally reduce the appearance of tired eyes.  If you have sensitive skin, we advise taking it slow and start by applying every other day instead of twice a day as most products suggest.  On the whole, our reviewers loved Zelens Triple-Action Advanced Eye Cream the most out of all the creams we tested.  Despite the hefty price tag, testers loved the improvement both fine lines and dark circles under the eyes as well as the texture too!



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