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Motorized wheelchairs are driven by an electric motor as opposed to manual power.  They can enhance the quality of life for people with limited to little body-limb mobility.  They allow you to propel yourself with minimum exertion and there's no need to rely on others to get you from A to B.  As technology evolves, the world of motorized wheelchairs is expanding meaning that there are a variety of good quality options on the market.  Nowadays, motors are developed to be quieter, safer and more efficient and we've reviewed the best of the best on the market.  We selected four motorized wheelchairs and reviewed them based on wheel placement, top speed, maximum range, padding and more, allowing you to make an informed decision when purchasing a motorized wheelchair and increasing your independence.  

Our Favorite Motorized Wheelchair: Innuovo Electric Wheelchair

New for 2018, is the Innuovo Electric wheelchair which boasts at supporting up to 330 lbs.  The Japanese design ensures that it is as stylish as it is functional.  It looks like something from the future as it is made from aluminum alloy which is not only aesthetic but very durable and light weight (around 50lbs with batteries).  This sturdy construction makes it reliable whilst being super easy to transport and the perfect choice when traveling by air or sea. The chair is powered by two lithium batteries.  When a single battery is charged the chair can travel a distance of 10 km however when both batteries are charged the chair is able to cover a distance of double, one of the highest distances on the market. It's clear that Innuovo have taken into account efficient safety measures as the chair is equipped with effective shock absorbers, stable rear wheels, a comfortable footrest and an easy to use joystick which lets users keep one hand free at all times for quick stopping.  It has a unique washable seat cushion design which helps to prevent bedsores and discomfort, ensuring that the Innuvo Electric Wheelchair is suitable for all day use.  The front wheels can rotate fully at 360 degrees allowing users to travel almost anywhere without running into problems and it's not even the most expensive motorized chair on the market!      

Our Runner Up: Pride Mobility the Jazzy 600 ES Electric Wheelchair

This is the most expensive chair we tried and as soon as we saw it we understood why.  The Pride Mobility Jazzy 600 has qualities that are difficult to come by in other motorized wheelchairs on the market such Active-Trac ATX Suspension which causes the chair to move as smoothly indoors as it does outdoors, even over more varied terrain and inclines of up to 7.5 degress. Unfortunately, the chair is only available in red which doesn’t suit everyone and we found the chair to have a low clearance, slightly lower than that of its competitors.  It's also not the lightest of chairs (around 240 LBS) meaning that it's more difficult to transport around.  The Jazzy 600 ES chair makes up for it in other ways.  Firstly, it seems almost impossible for the wheels to get stuck.  In addition, with a turning radius of 20.5 inches, users have the pleasure of performing tight turns whilst feeling mobile and independent. The Jazzy 600 can reach speeds of 4MPH and can travel up to 16 miles on a single charge. The battery life is impressive and only takes around 30 minutes to charge (a green light is activated when the battery is fully charged).   In terms of safety, the adjustable seatbelt feels secure and there is even a reliable break system. The level of stability is superb and it comes with a life-time warrantee making it our perfect runner up.   

Best Travel Wheelchair: 
Pride Go-Chair Travel Power Wheelchair

The Pride Go-Chair Travel Power Wheelchair is one of the simpler chairs we reviewed so it was super simple to assemble whilst being designed extremely well. The only design fault that we found was that in order to get into the chair, you need to lift the footrests which can be difficult for more elderly people.   It has an increased weight capacity at up to 300 pounds meaning that it easily accommodates people of different weights.  We found that the speed is high power (up to 3.7 mph) due to a longer wheelbase with a wider stance.  Users are also able to swing in both directions, with a compact turning radius of 25.4 inches, making for a more efficient and flexible experience.  We found the battery life to be long lasting and at 18 AMP, there is no need for continuous charging.  Manufacturers have extended the labor warrantee to a year which reviewers loved as well as the fact that there's an extra storage bin underneath the seat showing how Pride really do put their users first.  And what's more, this motorized wheelchair comes in a range of colors allowing you to choose the perfect color for your taste.   

The Best on a Budget: Drive Medical Cirrus Plus Folding Power Wheelchair

 The Drive Medical Cirrus Plus Folding Power Wheelchair is available in three sizes: 18-inch, 20-inch and 22-inch.  We tested the 20-inch chair and here's what we had to say.  This motorized wheelchair uses rear wheel drive which ensures it is as speedy as it is stable.  It comes with a seatbelt, anti-tippers and secure manual wheel locks for extra safety.  There is also a storage pouch to carry daily essentials and reviewers also liked the fact that the footrests fold and swing to the side, making for a much more convenient and comfortable travelling experience.  In addition, the padded seat and adjustable tension on the back upholstery help with comfort which is important if you're in the chair for the majority of the day.  In terms of operation, the chair has a range of 15 miles per charge, a top speed of 5MPH, comes with an adjustable length 'joystick' mount and an integrated programmer controller.  Testers also commented that it has an aesthetic carbon steel frame and a silver vein finish.  The Drive Medical Cirrus Plus is advertised as foldable with removable armrests making it suitable for transportation, however it is heavy and difficult to carry so it's best for those who have constant help at hand.  In addition, although the maximum speed is 5MPH we were disappointed that the speed is actually affected by the weight of the driver meaning that it's not the most convenient chair we tried. 


Bottom Line: 
We absolutely loved the Innuovo Electric wheelchair whose clever and durable design makes it our top-rated product by far.  Reviewers especially loved the products small turning radius as well as how light it is.  We gave these chairs ratings that are more general however we understand that everyone's specific needs are different to make their lives easier in the long run.  Comfort is a factor that is important for everyone as depending on your lifestyle, you can spend the majority of your day in the wheelchair.  If your lifestyle demands a sleeker chair we would recommend going for something with smaller tires and narrower armrests.    Moreover, if you travel a lot, we would recommend investing in a motorized wheelchair that can be folded up and stored away or put in a trunk for easy transport.  However, the lighter the better to ensure maximized independence.  Whatever chair you choose, we can guarantee you one thing: sacrificing your lifestyle is a thing of the past with the development of the motorized wheelchair. 

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