Superhero Movies Now in the Running to Win Oscars With Academy Awards New Category

By Paige Burke — Published August 09, 2018

Superhero Movies Now in the Running to Win Oscars With Academy Awards New Category

 John Bailey, president of The Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences announced today that changes will be made to the 2020 Academy Awards in an attempt to stay "relevant in a changing world." This is in response to The Academy's struggle to stay relevant after reports of plummeting ratings. The telecast will be shortened to three hours instead of the previous four, with trophies being handed out during ad breaks. What's more, from 2020, awards will air on February 9 as opposed to February 24.

The change that seems to have made the most impact, however, is the fact that The Academy has introduced a new Outstanding Achievement in Popular Film category which will give superhero movies a chance to win the prestigious award. This is the first new addition since the Best Animated Feature category that was added in 2001 in a response to the rapid expansion of animated feature films in the 1990s.

The new category is born as the popularity of comic book franchise soars. The addition of this new category is, of course, an attempt to keep viewers interested. However, not everyone has welcomed the change with open arms. It’s a way to recognize the summer blockbuster money makers by creating a category that the smaller, more prestigious art films are unable to reach.

What's more, this isn't the first time that The Academy Awards have attempted to make their awards accessible to more mainstream movies. In 2009, then-Academy present Sid Ganis raised the number of nominees in the Best Picture category. This decision also had mixed feedback as many claimed that the broadening of the number of nominees actually diluted the significance of winning. Almost 10 years later, we see The Academy again attempting to attract a more 'relevant' following without losing respect from loyal audiences.



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