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How to Get Your Legs Summer Ready

As the temperature rises, the likelihood is that your hemline does too. Be it exercise shorts, bikini bottoms or the perfect summer dress, it is difficult to avoid having your pins on show in the summer months. This can by an idea that some of us feel uncomfortable with, especially if your legs have been hiding away all winter. Knowing you deserve to feel beautiful, confident and sexy is probably something that you have heard before but getting there is slightly trickier. Follow these simple steps to ensure that your legs are the best accessory to any summer look.

Body Scrub

The first thing that you will need to do on the road to beautifying your legs is shedding excess dead skin cells. Not only will it be easier to remove hair and tan your legs but exfoliating your skin will leave your legs glowing and invigorated. You can use a pumice, a loofah or a body scrub and rub your legs in small circular motions but be sure not to apply too much pressure as this could result in unnecessary uncomfort. Finally, it is best to exfoliate in the shower as the warm water softens your skin and you are also able to wash away dead skin cells and excess products.


Having supple and smooth legs to be proud of can be achieved by regular moisturizing with a high-quality product. Having super hydrated skin will leave your legs in good condition and if you keep this healthy habit up, it will be much easier to take care of your skin in the winter too! It is best to invest in a moisturizer that skins into your skin quickly and doesn’t feel too heavy or greasy after applied. You can also have fun playing around with different scents and different makes until you find the right product for you.

Remove Hair

In the winter, it is easy to let your hair removal regime fall to the bottom of your priority list but summer is here and it is time to fix the fuzz. Waxing and epilating are great options for hair removal as hairs are torn directly from the root. However, if you are looking to avoid pain then shaving is a good alternative. It is best to shave with a good shaving gel, and a high-quality razor. Although there are plenty of great disposable razors on the market, investing in a good electric shaver is also a winner.

Exercise Your Legs

Exercise is as good for the body as it is the mind. Leg-focused stretches and exercises, running, yoga and more have all been proven to reduce stress, release endorphins and in turn, make you feel more positive which could help with confidence. Exercising your legs also has a great toning effects too! If traditional exercise is not for you then why not just try pushing yourself to move more? Get off the bus a stop early, take the stairs or go over and speak to a colleague instead of emailing them. All this movement will help with toning and strengthening which in turn will encourage you to show your legs off in your new skirt that you have been dying to wear.


Research shows that on the whole, women feel more attractive when their legs are tanned. If this is something that will help you go bare legged this summer then what is stopping you? If you live in a hot climate then why not tan naturally? Your back yard is a great place to catch rays without feeling like you are surrounded by judging eyes. If option doesn't suit your needs then why not try a tanning salon? Both these options however, require a good quality sunscreen to take care of your skin in the long and short term. No one wants bright red legs on display! Investing in a self-tanning product is also another option. If you are unused to using a fake tanning lotion then go easy in the beginning. Remember, less is more!

So, there you have it! If your legs have seen better days, all you need to do is follow our step-by-step guide as to how to not to get caught with nothing to wear and no confidence on a sunny day. Get ready to bare ladies, the summer is here!