Spotify Partners with Festicket to Help You Discover The Perfect Music Festival

By Andrew Stills — Published July 24, 2018

Spotify Partners with Festicket to Help You Discover The Perfect Music Festival

The summer season for many means festival season. And whilst there seems to be a substantial amount of festivals to choose from, there may only be a few artists that you would actually pay to see. Now, this is all about to change as Spotify has partnered with Festicket, the U.K.-based platform for booking music festival travel. Spotify users are now able to enjoy connecting their accounts to Festicket to make the most of the Festival Finder services. Here, your listening habits will be used to help find the perfect music festival for your taste. Your streaming history will be analyzed and in turn, you will receive suggestions for 10 music festivals that will match your music taste.

On the whole, Festicket is using the Festival Finder to help solve their discoverability problem.  So many people out there are aware of their music taste but are yet to familiarize themselves with the abundance of festivals and their various lineups worldwide. With this new partnership, once you have found a festival that speaks to you, you will not only be able to book tickets via Festicket but in addition, you will be able to book accommodation and travel too.  What's more, this service also provides a waiting list feature for festivals who are yet to release tickets.

Festicket Co-founder and CEO Zack Sabban has commented: "We now offer over 1,000 festivals on the platform, and we know first-hand how overwhelming it can be when trying to pick out the one to go to." He continued by stating that "Our Festival Finder solves that problem by presenting a tailored list of festivals that best match your listening habits, including some under the radar gems that could soon become your new favorite festival destination."

The bigger picture is for Festicket to provide a service that makes attending a festival much like booking a package holiday which is an attractive feature for regular festival-goers and first-timers alike. What's more, Festicket is looking to transform its festival catalog into an "intelligent engine" for discovering festivals and other events which in turn will result in an increase in bookings.

In 2017, we saw Spotify's connections to live music spaces bringing in around $40 million in ticket sales and it will be interesting to see where their new partnership with Festicket takes this feature!

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