Spend Less Time on Facebook with the App's New Features!

By Ben Harding — Published June 24, 2018

Spend Less Time on Facebook with the App's New Features!

Do you ever feel like you spend too much time on Facebook? If you do not compulsively check your phone for notifications every half hour, then you definitely know someone that does. With so much focus on how influences of social media negatively affect us, it seems that finally, Facebook are trying to help us cut down on the time we spend liking, sharing and commenting.

It seems that now you will be able to find out exactly how addicted you are to the social media app as Facebook announce that they are working on a way to help users manage exactly how much time they spend scrolling through their newsfeed and checking notifications with a feature called "Your Time on Facebook".

Facebook Developer, Jane Manchun Wong recently posted on Twitter about Facebook's new time management program. This will not only allow users of the app to see exactly how much time they spend on the site but in addition, will allow them to set timers that will keep over indulging at bay. Not only will you be able to limit usage but you will also have quick access to changing notification settings.

Tech companies are facing scrutiny over how addictive their products and we have already heard from Google and Apple with features for Android and iOS which help users monitor how much they are spending on apps in general. However it is nice to see that Facebook are taking responsibility to ensure that users' time is well spent.  This is a development that also seems sililar to Instagrams upcoming "usage insights" feature.

There is still a question mark over the launch date however the fact that the code is present in the android app suggests that the new feature is currently going through tests.

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