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Experts claim that adults should get between 7 and 9 hours of sleep a night however depending on lifestyle, work and family pressures this isn't always easy to achieve.  Nothing should hold you back from getting enough rest to tackle whatever life throws at you however a perfect night's sleep isn't just down to your mattress or your sheets. 

Allow us to introduce Sense by Hello.  This sleep monitoring device tracks your sleep throughout the night allowing you to sleep better and wake up calmer and more alert.  Compared to other sleep tracking devices on the market, Sense is undeniably the most aesthetic and will blend into any bedroom décor.  It is small, so won't take up much space on your bedside table as it sizes up at around the size of a tennis ball.  Reviewers commented that it was less intrusive than other sleep trackers that they’ve tried as it isn't wearable. It runs on a replaceable battery however battery life is a whole year!

Testers loved that the Sense communicates sleep conditions via colors.  When you wave your hand in front of the mechanism, orange lets you know that something needs to be changed, yellow shows that sleep conditions are okay but not optimal and green indicates that your conditions are great to fall asleep to.  Not only does it monitor sleep conditions, but it wakes you up too, from a choice of 15 tones including white noise.  Unfortunately, some testers found the color sensors to be less accurate.  For example, if they moved Sense and put it back a few inches from where it originally was, the color was different than it was a few moments ago.



Sense is able to track your sleep by 'The Sleep Pill' which is a small device that you attach to your pillow before you turn in for the night.  You can also purchase another sleep pill for your other half if you both want to track your sleep!  The 6-axis accelerometer and gyroscope detect body movement and the sleep pill connects to Sense via Bluetooth No-Energy.  Unlike other smart products, you won't need to sync or pair Sense which our reviewers really liked.  It's compatible both with iOS and Android and overtime, learns, suggests and feeds back your optimum sleep conditions.  Of course, all of this information is accessible via their user-friendly app. When you enter the app, you'll find a timeline (including events such as minor interruptions throughout the night), a sleep score, a smart alarm and sleep insights which are suggestions to improve your sleep. Reviewers particularly enjoyed being woken up by the alarm as it starts off quietly and gradually becomes louder so you wake up almost serenely.  Like other smart devices on the market, the Sense Sleep Pill can be controlled by voice command.  The alarm, sleep sounds and sleep results can all be activated via speech, rather like with Alexa

So, how does the Sense actually assess these sleep conditions?  A built-in microphone detects noise and another sensor assesses light levels.  It also detects temperature, air quality index, humidity and more in order to guide you into having the best night's sleep.  It will particularly take into consideration movement, breathing rate, snoring and changes in your environment allowing you to understand why you aren't achieving your optimum sleep levels.  

The Bottom Line:

Despite a few of the testers reporting minor glitches, the majority really enjoyed sleeping alongside Sense and gaining a greater understanding of what makes them feel rested.   In the future, we'd like to see Sense record heart rate as this is a crucial factor to some peoples' sleep patterns, however this may cause the tracker to be more intrusive. At just over $100 the price is great value for money and if you're looking for advice as to how to get your optimum 7-9 hours a night then look no further than Sense!  

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