Skype Preview for Andriod Features SMS Messages from PC or Mac.

By Paige Burke — Published August 19, 2018

Skype Preview for Andriod Features SMS Messages from PC or Mac.

The sending and receiving of SMS message from a computer isn't a foreign notion what with iMessage on iOS and apps such as MightyText. However, a blog post on Windows Italia lets us into a secret. One of the developments that Skype is working on is the ability to use Skype to send and receive text messages. This means that if you receive a text to your Android device, you will be able to reply straight away via the Skype app on a computer. You will, however, need some balance on your Skype Credit in order to use this feature.

The new feature is called "SMS Connect" and users can locate it in the preview settings of the Android version of the Skype app. The feature is currently only available for Insiders and it unclear when exactly the feature will be enabled to regular users and neither Microsoft or Skype have released an official statement as to when the release date will be.

SMS Connect is available for some on the desktop app, however, like with most 'testing periods', users have reported various issues including bugs in the software.

Skype Insider has released a Tweet stating the following:

source: digitaltrends

What's more, an update for Skype Preview also comes with a changelog stating "Use Skype on your PC or Mac to read and reply to your Android phone's SMS messages. To get started, tap the button to install Skype on your Android phone."

There are also rumors that Skype Preview for Android has included a feature that allows voice recording of voice calls, What’s more, it is also rumored that the option to record video calls without any third-party software will also be available soon.

SMS Connect seems to be available for Windows 10 devices and Android with no news released about the feature for iOS devices. Although this does not mean that Skype is not working on a feature for Apple users, the likelihood is that they will prefer to use the iMessage feature anyway.

Skype users are sure to warm to this new feature. It is no surprise that people prefer to use one app to communicate so regular Skype users will enjoy being able to send and receive SMS messages too. Download is available for the updated Skype Preview on Android devices on Google Play.

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