1 Ball, 4 Exercises: Relief Tension Instantly with a Simple Tennis Ball

Our modern day life-style causes tension to build up all over our body, which in turn causes pain throughout the day. This tennis ball exercises video will teach you 4 simple exercises you can do that will make you feel a whole lot better and a lot less tense.

Modern day life has its perks, but it can also cause quite a bit of tension that settles in our muscles and refuses to go away. Besides the mental strain everyone experiences from time to time, bad habits, like looking down on our phones, also cause tension to build up and cause pain in our bodies. Add to that the fact that most people nowadays have a desk job where they sit in front of a computer for long hours without moving much. Unfortunately, most of us don't have too much spare time to exercise and relief the tension, but with these exercises, you won't have to! With one simple tennis ball you'll be able to self-message different areas in your body where tension tends to build, and feel the pain fade away with every movement. Watch the short and helpful video and discover how easy and quick it is to relief those sore and tense muscles in your body.

Source: YouTube/POPSUGAR Fitness