Second Job Ideas

By — Published October 03, 2017

Second Job Ideas

If you are looking to supplement your steady pay for paying off extra debt or saving up for a special financial goal such as buying a car or a home, a second job on the side can be a worthwhile prospect to consider. A ‘side hustle’ as it is commonly know, can be your go to option for not only earning a little extra every month but also for honing an additional set of skills for better job opportunities in the future. Regardless of whatever your ultimate goal might be, here is a list of amazing second job ideas that will make your part time stint both fruitful and enriching.


If the idea of being tied down to a single organization doesn’t appeal to you much, you can try freelancing for multiple projects for several different companies. There are a bevy of businesses out there that hire part time freelancers for a number of job profiles, including graphic designers, photographers, editors, writers and data entry professionals with flexible working hours as well as provisions for working from home.

Restaurant Worker

While the basic pay for part time servers at fast food joints and restaurants might not be impressive enough, the tips from your customers can typically add up to a thick wad of cash at the end of the month, especially during peak seasons. That being said, it is advisable to work the right schedules to make the most of the highest footfalls during busy hours. Also, given the high attrition rate of local fast food joints, there are multiple vacancies on the market at any given time and it is easy to land a job that suits your schedule.

Customer Service Agent

Working as a Customer service executive/agent is another great job opportunity for people looking to make money online from the comforts of their homes. There are a lot of well established brands out there that typically outsource the task of customer interaction and hire part time workers to manage and respond to customer calls and other forms of communication. The job is particularly rewarding especially if you enjoy interacting with people and providing quick solutions to their problems. And what with the typical $17 per hour wage bracket, you can earn a substantial sum just by employing your ‘gift of gab’ to good use.

Search Engine Evaluator

If you wish to make easy money online through a part time job that doesn’t bind you with a specific set of working hours, you might consider becoming a search engine evaluator. All you need to do is examine search engine results and grade them via a ranking system. The job typically pays somewhere around $13.5 an hour and is a great opportunity for people looking to earn extra bucks by working from home.

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