Samsung Releases Unbreakable OLED Screen

By Cassie French — Published July 27, 2018

Samsung Releases Unbreakable OLED Screen

There is no doubt that a smashed phone screen is shortly followed by a wave of frustration. Not only does it make using your expensive smartphone inconvenient but fixing it makes a severe dent in your bank balance. Technology is always developing to make our lives easier and as a result of that, Samsung may now have the answer with their new flexible OLED smartphone panels which are apparently 'unbreakable.' What's more, they also plan to use this screen in non-phone devices too such as tablets and portable games consoles. This move is an attempt to fight the decline in smartphone sales. Handset manufacturers are struggling to differentiate their products and the fact that new smartphones come with impressive features means that people are looking to upgrade less frequently.

Samsung announced on Wednesday that this flexible phone screen has been approved by Underwriters Laboratories which means that it is now ready for shipping. According to tests performed by UL, Samsung's new screen survived drops from nearly 4ft above ground. What's more, the OLED display survived 26 drops in a row in both high and low-temperature environments.

In place of traditional glass, Samsung has used an unbreakable substrate as well as a secure, fortified overlay plastic window. “The fortified plastic window is especially suitable for portable electronic devices not only because of its unbreakable characteristics but also because of its lightweight, transmissivity, and hardness, which are all very similar to glass,” Hojung Kim stated, general manager of the Samsung Display Company's Communication Team.

Samsung is currently Apple's sole provider of OLED displays for their iPhone X. Unfortunately, we have no specific date as to when these new screens will be available for Samsung products. Their Galaxy Note 9 is being unveiled in the next month which is potentially too soon to feature this new screen. Although all of Samsung's phone now have curved displays, this screen will give birth to a truly foldable hinge-less phone. Galaxy fans may have to wait for next year's Galaxy S10 to get their hands on this flexible OLED screen.  



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