Ryan Reynolds and Josh Brolin Get Into an Insult Match and it is Hilarious

Deadpool 2 star Ryan Reynolds and Josh Brolin may be good friends, but that didn't stop them from insulting each other in this hilarious roast video. Check out the actors showing the funny and disturbing side of their bromance.

There's nothing like a loving bromance between two good friends that know each other better than even their partners in life. One of the signs of any healthy bromance is keeping a good sense of humor, even if it's at the other person's expense. During BBC Radio 1’s segment “Playground insults”, it was Ryan Reynolds and Josh Brolin that took the sits to jab one another and find the most insulting things they could say. The two really got into the game and the insults quickly started to escalate with Reynolds roasting Brolin's Goonies performance and Brolin retaliating with insults on Ryan's Green Lantern part. Despite the harsh words that were tossed around in the room, the two actors are good friends that were engaging in some heavy bromance insult match. Go figure.

Source: YouTube/BBC 1