Photographer is "In Love" in Controversial Photo Shoot with Tinder Strangers

Marie Hyld, a young Denmark based photographer, did a beautiful and controversial photo shoot with strangers she met on Tinder, and the results convey a strong message about love in the polished online world.

Marie Hyld, a 24-year-old Denmark based photographer, had enough of the polished photos she saw online and decided to do an intimate and controversial photo shoot. As she stated, Marie wanted to bring something real and raw, so she ironically enlisted the help of strangers she met on Tinder.

In her dating app bio Marie stated that she is looking for participants in the project that would be willing to go on camera and create intimate photos with her that would later be published. The project, named Lifeconstruction, went under way, and within minutes of meeting her Tinder dates, Marie took intimate photos with them where she appeared to be 'in love'. The photoshoots were not always easy according to her, but the results convey a strong message about real love, moments captured in time and whether we can trust everything we see online.

Marie sitting on a man playing computer games

Marie lying on a couch between a man and a woman

Marie sitting on a piano while a man holds her by the waist

Marie taking a shower with a man

Marie resting her head on a man's lap

Marie sitting on a woman's lap and kissing her cheak

Marie resting her head on a man's lap while their both on the couch

Marie holding a guitar while lying on the floor with her legs up on a man's lap

Marie brushing her teeth with a man next to her sitting on the toilet

Marie hanging from a wooden beam kissing a woman

Marie with her legs rapped around a man she is kissing

Marie drinking water next to a person wearing an s&m suit

Source: Marie Hyld