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Philips HF3520 Wake-Up Light Reviewed:

Some of us really suffer in the mornings when it's time to get out of bed.  If snoozing for an hour and not feeling awake for the first half of your day sounds all too familiar then the Philips HF3520 could be the product to revolutionize your mornings.  Philips have developed the HF3520 Wake-Up light that allows you to wake up gently, improving your energy, well-being and ability to tackle a brand-new day.  Recognized by the National Sleep Foundation as a wake-up light and light therapy device, it's clinically proven to make you feel fresher via a unique light that simulates the sunrise.  

Around 40 minutes before the time that you set it to go off, the light becomes brighter and instead of snoozing in a dark room, your bedroom becomes an orangey white color.  If this doesn't make you feel like your sleep routine is guided by mother nature then the five nature sounds, such as birdsong or ocean, surly will.  In terms of aesthetics, it's stylish, sturdy and blends easily into any bedroom interior.  We really liked that unlike other wakeup lights on the market, the brightness levels don't drastically jump from shade to shade.  Instead, the Philips HF3520 Wake-Up Light has 20 incremental brightness levels that start off with a warm red light, move slowly through shades of deep orange and mellow yellow before finishing with a warm white light for you to wake up to.  There is no replacement bulb needed for this product which provides the user with years of value or 4,000 hours to be exact!  Maximum brightness is 300 lux so there's no reason that you won't wake up in the morning however if you're prone to falling back to sleep easily then you'll love the tap-to-snooze setting.  If you need longer in bed then you can tap the light anywhere at all to activate the snooze setting meaning that you'll always be on time for work!



Our testers loved that this product isn't just for waking up and going to sleep.  Priced at just over $110 it's one of the more expensive wake up lights on the market however the majority of our reviewers thought it was good value for money. It also works as an FM radio and a bed side reading lamp with 10 brightness settings.  What's more, we loved that the 90 day no fuss money back guarantee made us trust in the product!

On the whole, testers really enjoyed their wake-up experience with the Philips HF3520 however a few of our testers did complain that the buttons on the top aren't visible from the front.  They are also small in size so when changing the settings or radio stations you need to either look carefully or learn by touch where they are.  This can be avoided however, by marking exactly where the buttons are on the top of the light and rubbing the marks off with alcohol once you get used to exactly where they're placed.  In terms of settings, the majority of our testers commented on how much they appreciated being able to set two different alarms which can be used during the week and on the weekends. 

Bottom Line:

We were pleasantly surprised at how many of our reviewers raved about the Philips HF3520 Wake-Up Light.  It's affordable, easy to use and worked without a single glitch.  After waking up daily with this wake-up light, testers claimed that their mornings were much more enjoyable.  They found themselves becoming more tired as the light dimmed and were eventually waking up before the alarm went off.  We couldn't recommend it more to those looking to wake-up without their mobile phone alarm and fall asleep to the sun setting!

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