Perfect your Baking with this Smart Scale

To get the best quality basked goods, experts recommend using a food scale. Weighing ingredients helps to ensure that you get consistent results. Volumetric measurements can be inaccurate. Just think of the difference between a cup of loose flour versus packed flour and you get the idea.  A digital kitchen scale is simply a more accurate weigh to obtain correct measurements for recipes.

The Perfect Bake PRO is a smart scale that wirelessly connects to your phone via Bluetooth. It is compatible with iOS, Android, and Kindle Fire devices. Choose from hundreds of mouth-watering recipes using the free Perfect Bake app, including for savory appetizers (spinach artichoke dip), cakes (chocolate peanut butter lava cake), breads, (Kalamata olive and rosemary loaf), and more.  Then simply add the ingredients to the bowl. There is no need to measure! Perfect Bake will tell you when to stop once the correct weight is achieved. The built-in timer counts down mixing time, baking time, and cooling time. Could cooking get an easier? You can also enter your own favorite recipes so that they will be compatible with the Perfect Bake Pro, though this process is a little confusing to get the hang of.

If you want to scale the recipe, such as to make double the cookies or half of the hummus, it will adjust the recipe for you so there is no need to make your own calculations. You can also scale to an ingredient amount. For example, if you have just half a bag of chocolate chips you can put it on the scale, and the app will scale the rest of the recipe accordingly. The scale is a sleek stainless steel that would look stylish on any countertop. It has an LCD display and comes with 3 color-coded bowls. Reviewers love how easy this scale is to use and the growing collection of recipes get rave reviews as well.


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